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Posted 3/21/2018 3:21pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good Afternoon Folks,

Some of you may be wondering why I have hijacked the weekly emails (Chris).  Well, quite frankly, all this snow has kept me out of the field and in the office.  Christy has been super busy working in the greenhouse managing both plants and people.  Her love toward plants, soil, propagation, and seedlings is immeasurable.  This dedication truly provides fruits for her labor.  We shall always be thankful to our plant mother.  Even after all these years growing food I'm amazed by the process.  Start with a tiny seed.  From this the growth begins.  Plant grows larger, grows out of our greenhouse space and onto the hardening off tables, then on to the field.  After our first planting in the spring it feels like we have endless acres to fill, then our growing space begins to shrink as the plantings continue.  BAM!!!! time to harvest.  That tiny tomato seed can produce up to 10lbs of tomatoes.  Many times it all seems to be happening so fast that I don't have time to reflect on it.  Snow covered fields can provide for that  moment of reflection. 

1st workshop of 2018: THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 10am - 12pm

SO who wants to see the greenhouse in full swing?  Here's your chance to participate in an enjoyable, educational event surrounded by a community of folks with a common love for nature, plants, sunshine, and warmth. SIGN UP NOW! and have a pal sign up, too! $45

Laurene Hulbig, floral designer, greenhouse guru, seeding and potting up expert (plus good friend) is hosting a Spring Bulb Planter Workshop. We will be planting a bright variety of Tulips, Tete-a-Tetes and Muscari in a rustic box for forcing indoors. In a few short weeks, these planters will be so cheerful on your table. We'll discuss the secrets to successful bulb forcing and each participant will plant and bring home a spring garden to enjoy. All necessary materials will be provided including planter, soil, assorted bulbs and instructions for care - now and later after bloom time. This is first of many workshops this season.  Let's make the first one a good one!  Let's FORCE spring! Come enjoy the warmth, earthy aroma, and signs of life happening in the WBF greenhouse in March!

Virtual Market is Open

It's time to buy.  We have some great offerings this week through our online market.


Filled our truck bed with spinach from our high tunnel (High Tunnel = unheated greenhouse in which plants are growing in the ground).  Roughly 40lbs of fresh picked spinach should suit your greens craving for this week.  We have been eating a lot of spinach as of late.  Its is such a versatile green.  Add it to your egg scramble in the morning. One of my favorite Sunday morning breakfasts is a spinach and feta egg scramble.  Start by sauteeing shallots, wilt in the spinach, add your beaten local free range eggs, pinch of salt, gently scramble, and finish with some sea salty feta.  Add a side of roasted potatoes, and serve with a hot mug of fresh brewed Sheldonville Roasters Coffee and you are all set for your Sunday!!!!  

We have been making some great veggie lasagnas with sauteed carrots, onions, garlic, & spinach. Layer with your favorite red sauce, and Narragansett ricotta.  Top with Divine Providence.  Enjoy this meal all week long.

Check out our virtual market for all these goodies and more for your eating pleasures all week long. Pick up your order in the barn Friday, 12pm - 6pm. If you cannot make it to the pick up, Christy will be at the barn Saturday, wrapping up the bulb forcing workshop around 12:30pm. If you've been dying to get some fresh and local farm food, place your order, and reply to your confirmation email telling us you'd like to get it on Saturday at 12:30pm.

If you forget to order altogether, just pop in on Friday to see what's available. Jordan Bros. will be there 2pm - 6pm, which leads me to the next point . . .

Jordan Brothers Seafood - Pre-order as to not be left in the dust.  Enjoy some great seafood this weekend. email

Sea Scallops   1/2lb    11.00  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00  
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00
 Cod fillet   9/10oz   10.00  
Pollock fillet   1415oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00
 Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00  
Swordfish???   10/12oz   14.00   
Flounder???   8/9oz   12.00
 Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   38.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag    72.00  
Native Crabmeat???   1/2lb   17.00
 Frozen Shrimp 26/30ct (peeled & deveined)   3lb bag   48.00  
Frozen Cleaned Squid   1lb   10.00
 Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00  
Frozen Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea  
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00
 PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00  
Crab Bisque   20oz  7.00
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp and Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
Product availability and pricing subject to change
We are pleased to announce that White Barn Farm will be offering a CSA pick up location at the Medfield farmers market (Thursdays) this coming season.  We participated in this market last year and really enjoyed it.  If you are from Medfield or the surrounding towns and want to participate in a CSA, now is your chance.  If you know anyone that would be interested please pass along this information.  Thank you all for the support.
Sign Up Now.
White Barn FARM CSA 
It is not too late to invest in your neighborhood farm.  Right now, funds raised by your CSA investment are paying for much of the labor it takes to get a farm off the ground (or in the ground?) each spring.  Seeding for future food can take a lot of time and energy. We hire a great crew of local folks to accomplish this time sensitive task.  Your investment in future food begins now.
sign up for one of our CSA programs, or both!
We are hiring for 2018 season
Have you ever been interested in working at White Barn Farm?  Here is your chance.  We still have a few seasonal jobs left.  Check them out here; Go to menu, click the tab for employment 
Meet your Farmer
White Barn Farm will be represented at really cool event this Thursday, March 22nd (yes, tomorrow).  Savvy is a women's alliance promoting non-toxic living.  They have chapters in our surrounding towns.  Check out their website: Savvy Women's Alliance 
If you want to come and hang out with White Barn Farm and other local farmers come on down to Norfolk Library this Thursday.  Click here for Details about the event.
"great food is worth the adventure"-Savvy
Thank You
This email was action packed, with a lot of information.  Thank you all so much for all the support.  Our greatest marketing tool is word of mouth.  Every Friday I meet another person who was recommended by someone to come to the farm.  We do our best to provide you all with a high quality farm experience.  So please spread the good word of the farm through face to face chit chat, email, facebook, instagram, etc.  Much love from all of us at white barn farm.
thank you
Chris, Christy, and Graham



Posted 3/15/2018 10:37am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.


Where has the week gone? These March snow storms have kept us on our toes.  We have been moving around snow to access our greenhouses, and hightunnels, so that we can provide everyone with greens for this Friday, and produce for the upcoming season.  The latest Nor Easter has thrown off our weekly schedule, but better late then never?!  Our online market is up to date and you may place your orders for pick up this Friday in the barn 12-6.  Jordan Brothers Seafood is there 2pm to 6pm. Here is the no frills email for this week.  I will leave with this:

Let the food of New England winters inspire, nourish, and feed your souls and your mind.  Hold on to winter while we can, get out and explore this great region, by foot, snowshoe, ski, snowboard, XC ski, sled.  Return home to a soup, braised meats, roasted roots, local cheese board, bright winter salad.  This is the season that makes us great new England folks who we are.  Hearty, happy, and hungry.  See you folks on friday. - Farmer Chris

VIRTUAL MARKET is OPEN for service. Place your order by Friday at 6am. Make sure to "checkout" so your order is sent to us. Then pay by cash, check, Farmstand CSA card, or credit card when you pick up.

*As always, if you don't get your order in, you are still welcome to come shop our bare bones barn set up and see what Bobby Jordan brought in the fish wagon. Ask the farmers what frozen meats are in the freezer, and check out the cheese selection. There should be PLENTY of spinach, carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, kohlrabi, and eggs to name a few!


LAUREN HULBIG FLORAL DESIGN Workshops at White Barn Farm

The first one - a bulb planter workshop - is on Saturday, March 24th, 10am to 12pm in White Barn Farm's greenhouse! White Barn Farm will provide coffee and tea. Inspired guests are encouraged to bring a snack to share - think finger-food pot luck brunch!

Commit to good food!!!

Spring shares, summer shares, winter shares, and CSA Cards are all still available! Click the links to sign up and/or reserve your shares, then complete the process by sending in a check payable to White Barn Farm. (po box 207, wrentham, ma 02093).

Your investment in White Barn Farm is always useful and greatly appreciated.

CSA CARD SIGN UP (load a debit style card to be used anytime on anything we sell at the farmstand. minimum of $200. Pay before April 1st and we give you a 10% bonus!!!!!!) ONLY 15 MORE DAYS OF THIS AWESOME DEAL!!!

CSA SHARE SIGN UP (weekly assortment selected by the farmers and collected by you at the farmstand. $20/week)


Every friday 2-6 Jordan Brothers seafood is represented at the farm stand.  You can pre order for pick up at the farm (or just come shop).  Email pre-orders to



Posted 3/8/2018 9:55am by christy kantlehner.

 Hello! Again! Thanks for enduring the weekly email barrage from your not-quite-in-the-height-of-the-season-farmers!

And now Farmer Chris:

This weeks Farm Happenings

VIRTUAL MARKET is OPEN for service. Place your order by Friday at 6am. Make sure to "checkout" so your order is sent to us. Then pay by cash, check, Farmstand CSA card, or credit card when you pick up.

Point, click, buy, arrive, easy as PIE!!! I wish we had pie available (if anyone has a pie connection?)

But you can make your own.  They may not be the sweet pies that you think of, but what is a pie? something round that you eat.  Here are two suggestions for pie like items that should fill appetites all weekend long.

My Dad is from New York City and we call pizza, pie.  Every friday we would order 2 pies from Rossinnis pizza in East Hampton, CT.  Still in the top five pizza places on my list.  We can debate this at the market, i love talking pizza!!!

You can make the dough (google "pizza dough" - tons of recipes come up) or you can buy your dough (editor's note: especially from the Franklin Shaw's!) For people avoiding gluten i have seen a couple of dough substitutes in whole foods both corn based and cauliflower based. (Shield your eyes, Andrea Debaggis!)

Pizza Ideas from Farmer Chris

Mushroom, spinach, ricotta pizza (red sauce or olive oil). Editor's note: All of these ingredients can "express" a lot of moisture and make your crust soggy so it is best to cook your mushrooms (don't add salt until the end so they get that lovely golden brown - sautéed in butter with garlic and chopped fresh herbs or a pinch of dry herbs is my fave). and cook your spinach - steam, drain or squeeze, coarsely chop or sauté w/ olive oil and garlic. then finish with modest dollops of that BOMB ricotta from Narragansett creamery.

Caramelized onion, spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella (red sauce or olive oil)

Thinly sliced potato, rosemary, garlic adelisca cheese, possible fried egg

of course all of these PIES can be finished with Mikes Micros, i would suggest the arugula, or the garden mix.

Frittata is a savory pie (quiche) without the crust from italy.  Great lets do it.  i love Frittata because i can eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Gluten free, full of protein, and great for all ages.  This is great winter dish because you can put anything in it.  Things that can go in: spinach, cheese, shallot, onion, mushrooms, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots.  And Pair that with Mikes MICROS, your all good for the weekend! i will let Alton brown help you construct this PIE for you.


LAUREN HULBIG FLORAL DESIGN Workshops at White Barn Farm

One way we are trying to connect with more customers is through workshops.  Activities at the farm are a great way for our community to see the farm through a different lens, learn something, and have a great time accompanied by people with similar interests and best of all, surrounded by natural beauty.  These workshops make great gifts, and are an excellent way to reconnect with family and friends.  If you have always wanted to learn about bulbs, flower arranging, centerpieces, wreaths, terrariums, etc... Check out the schedule and pick your favorites.  Do one or do them all its going to be great time.  These have sold out in the past so sign up pronto. The first one - a bulb planter workshop - is on Saturday, March 24th, 10am to 12pm in White Barn Farm's greenhouse! White Barn Farm will provide coffee and tea. Inspired guests are encouraged to bring a snack to share - think finger-food pot luck brunch!

Commit to good food!!!

Spring shares, summer shares, winter shares, and CSA Cards are all still available! Click the links to sign up and/or reserve your shares, then complete the process by sending in a check payable to White Barn Farm. (po box 207, wrentham, ma 02093).

Your investment in White Barn Farm is always useful and greatly appreciated.

CSA CARD SIGN UP (load a debit style card to be used anytime on anything we sell at the farmstand. minimum of $200. Pay before April 1st and we give you a 10% bonus!!!!!!)

CSA SHARE SIGN UP (weekly assortment selected by the farmers and collected by you at the farmstand. $20/week)


Every friday 2-6 Jordan Brothers seafood is represented at the farm stand.  You can pre order for pick up at the farm (or just come shop).  Email pre-orders to

OPTIONAL READING! A little easy reading for your pleasure . . .

A big step for Organic food.  I wanted to share with you an article I came across today, although it is not about the type of farming we do.  We are a minuscule diversified veggie growing operation in the middle of suburbia. What we do is important, but this news is good for a very large slice of Earth! Converting large-scale grain growing operations to organic is important.  From what the article says the land management will change to something more sustainable for our future.  Anytime we can convert enormous agrochemical farms to soil-building, carbon-sequestering, chemical-free growing systems, it's a win for our planet and future generations!!  Plus i do love annies MAC N Cheese. (Editor's note: Yep! Consumer Demand has driven this shift! Your vote does matter! Just vote with your wallet!)

(Editor did not read this part before making preceding comment. ha!) Another take away from the article is "to meet growing consumer need".  If there is a growing need for organic Annies mac and cheese, then there must be growing need for organic produce.  We are all trying to feed our families healthier and more thoughtfully.  White Barn can provide that for you and your family.

Thanks for everything!

Chris, Christy, Graham

Posted 3/1/2018 7:48am by christy kantlehner.

Howdy Farm followers!

We have decided to postpone our Weekly Virtual Winter Market Pick-up to this Sunday, March 4th, 11am to 2pm, in the barn. Email us if you have already placed an order and can't make it Sunday - we can work something out.

We just got a call from Bobby Jordan saying that the weather was going to be so bad that he would not be able to make it on Friday. This lead to us to scrutinize the weather report more closely and determine that 30mph winds are predicted on Friday, along with several inches of rain. That would translate to an awful mess of our dirt driveway and a very unpleasant outing for our customers (or perhaps the lack thereof). So your orders will be packed for you Sunday morning and ready to go. 11am to 2pm.

Good news! You have extra time to get your orders in! Online market will be open until Sunday morning at 7am. Pre-orders are highly recommended as we will not be putting a lot of extra stuff out for "a la carte" purchase.

Sorry, no Jordan Bros. Seafood Truck this week.

I hope everyone is doing as well as we are during this in-between winter and spring state of mind/state of nature.  One day we are at 65 degrees the next week its going to snow.  Who really knows what to do?  Our propagation house gives us a fairly consistent environment that is ideal for starting seeds.  We will be spending most of our days around the seeding table preparing flats and planting seeds.  This task can be at times the most tedious, but always rewarding.  Knowing that these little seeds will provide copious amounts of food for our neighbors is a great blessing!!!

already sprouting!

By the end of this week we should have seeded onions, celery, celery root, kale, chard, leeks, parsley, swiss chard, parsley, scallions, greenhouse tomatoes, and beets.  Thank you all for your terrific response to our plea for early CSA money - it has gone directly to buying seeds. 

White Barn is always trying to improve our growing system to provide more food for more people.  We want to provide our neighbors more variety of food throughout the year.  Some of the ways we would like to do that is to purchase 3 more caterpillar tunnels, extend our smaller high tunnel to 100 ft, and make a 4 season wash station compliant with new federal food safety regulations.  When you purchase a white barn farm CSA card or CSA share your money goes directly to purchases that provide those higher yields, more efficient washing, and season extension (=resiliency in the face of wildly erratic climate patterns).  It is not too late to commit to good food!!!!!


The days are getting longer and warmer.  That means the spinach is growing!!! The past few weeks we've had 1/2 lb bags for $5.50 - a reflection of how long it takes to harvest slow-growing winter leaves. The spinach leaves are now bigger and more abundant and therefore much faster to harvest! As a result, 1/2 lb bags are $5 this week and we are adding a 1 lb option for $9. Check out everything else that suits your local seasonal fancy.  Its going to be a great week to cook food provided by your farmers!!


look at that spinach grow! 

See Y'all Sunday! Thanks for being such a resilient customer base!

Christy, Chris, and Graham Kantlehner!

Posted 2/21/2018 8:12am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Howdy Team!


  • Place an order on the virtual winter market to pick up this Friday at the Barn!


*As Always, if you don't get your order in, feel free to stop in and browse for extra produce and provisions! And the meat freezer is fully stocked. Jordan Brothers always brings plenty of fresh fish to supply you with a quick, easy, healthy meal. We are open for walk-ins 12-6. Jordan Bros. arrives at 2 and stays until 6pm.


  • Send in a check to purchase or reload a farmstand CSA card to spend at White Barn Farm all season long (including now!) IMPORTANT: we add 10% to your card if we receive your payment by April 1st

If you appreciate these dirt farmers in the center of suburbia, consider throwing down a minimum of $200 bucks and we essentially give you a free $20* to spend at our farmstand. The card does not expire. It works just like a debit card. You may spend it on anything we sell at the farmstand (one exception: seafood). 

  • Sign-ups for our CSA are happening now! We are offering an early Spring Share, 20 week Summer Share, and a biweekly Fall Share. We're even offering a Medfield Farmers Market pickup this year. Claim your spot by "purchasing" online, and then mail a check to complete your order.

This year we are skipping the box and allowing you to collect your share right off the farmstand shelves. The farmer-selected share will be indicated on signage at the farmstand. Just bring your bag, fill it with the items listed, check in with the cashier, and voila! The value will hover around $20 per week - a share that even a household of two can manage in a week. (We originally packed shares that were almost $30/week - often too much for busy or small households.)

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

You are the Community! We are the Agriculture!


We need each and every one of you! We have had an amazing core of stalwart supporters for the ten! years we've been going now. But now we need everyone nearby who eats food! Please let your pals know they can in effect "vote" for local food and open space by supporting their local farms!

Let's fill up our CSA spots and set records for CSA card sales! Social media just informed me that it is national CSA Day this Friday. What the heck! We'll take it!

see what the farmers are up to on Instagram @whitebarnfarmers

We also have a White Barn Farm Facebook page

Spring is on its way! Let the sunshine warm your face and soak in all the beautiful moments on this earth, even if it seems like all we hear is bad news. Pay forward your good energy - it's got to help!

Your Spinach-Picking Farmer Friends,

Christy and Chris

p.s. Jordan Bros. email from this week:

email to pre-order

Sea Scallops   1/2lb   11.00  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00   
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00
Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish   10/12oz   12.00
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   35.00  
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00
Frozen Raw Shrimp 26/30ct (peeled and deveined)   3lb bag   48.00  
Frozen Cleaned Squid   1lb   10.00
Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00  
Frozen Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea  
Greysole???   8/9oz   12.00
Swordfish???   10/12oz   14.00   
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00  
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp and Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00




Posted 2/14/2018 9:30am by christy kantlehner.


Editor's Note: Can you tell Chris wrote this email:)

The market is open for the week.  This has been an extremely successful winter season for us and we can't thank you all enough for your consistent support to local food.  And for any of you who have not purchased from our market, this could be your first week.  It's a very easy, straightforward process.  Just click what you want, submit your order, and come to the barn Friday from 12-6 and your order will be ready for you.  Plus we have plenty of variety to appease your culinary aspirations.  Don't miss out on seasonal eating with White Barn Farm.

We have some new items this week, in addition to items that have made a comeback thanks to a surplus from Upswing Farm. 

  • TOFU

A great new product to fulfill your your vegetarian needs.  Christy and I do eat meat, but we try to make sure that at least 2 of our dinners a week are meatless. Super healthy and super clean way to eat keeps us going all week long.  Heiwa tofu is produced by a family in Rockport, Maine.  The soybeans are organic (and therefore non-GMO) and produced from farms in Maine and New England.

  • Chicken Sausage - Garlic Parm or Sweet Italian

Pat's Pastured Poultry has so much to offer and we are slowly adding more of Pat's products to our virtual market.  Each week they deliver pasture-raised, grass fed, Non Gmo fed, humanely raised, tasty products for our consumption. Give these chicken sausages a taste. Varieties are garlic parm, and sweet italian.

  • Celery root

A few of you have asked "where is the celery root?" and now we have an answer. "Its here!!!"  These bad boys were grown organically at Upswing Farm. Don't be alarmed by their robust size! Try roasting, shredding, or adding to your beef stew this weekend.


Editor's Note: This montage was put together by me (Christy). This is my valentine, Chris, through the seasons. He has a lot of love in his heart and his enthusiasm is pretty contagious!

from the mind of FARMER CHRIS:

I love to eat, grow, and cook food.  I don't really use recipes all to often.  I cook from the heart, creatively, and seasonally.  Here are some food ideas for dinner (they also make great leftovers).  Please follow us on instagram (@whitebarnfarmers) to see the occasional picture of what our family eats.  And don't be shy to share on facebook what you have concocted this week on  the White Barn Farm facebook page. Your meal could inspire a whole horde of farm shoppers!

Tofu stir fry

1. Get some rice going, white, brown, basmati, carolina, it doesn't really matter it will all taste good. (we use a cheapo rice cooker - works great)

2. Chop up your seasonal produce from virtual market onions, garlic, carrots, dried cayenne pepper, celery root, mushrooms, TOFU. (Editor's note: at this time of year I do indulge in some grocery store veggie purchases - like orange organic sweet peppers - a good addition to this recipe)

3. Heat pan with some canola oil (you can purchase from virtual market).  this step is important, vegetables like warm pans.

4. Add veggies in this order and make sure they soften up a little. Onions, dried cayenne, carrots, celery root, mushrooms, TOFU, garlic last (the most flavor)

5. Add Soy sauce, ginger paste (or fresh), maple syrup (great local sub for sesame oil) rice wine vinegar, maybe a little beer or wine for flavor.  I dont measure stuff just add and taste it will turn out great. Cook veggies through.

6. Add a bag of spinach

7. Add rice and enjoy this superfood stir fry!!!!!

total cook and prep time with getting some dishes done 45 minutes

pro tip: put some of your favorite tunes on, lately we have been enjoying The Wood Brothers

IF you are anti-tofu, then you can sub with some great pasture raised  chicken.

I will do my best each week to give you simple recipes. Next week tacos (GF)


As always Jordan Brothers Seafood will be set up, here is the list of offerings he has this week.  If you can preorder it makes it easier for all of us.

Sea Scallops   1/2lb   11.00  

Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00  

Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00

Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  

Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Frozen Raw Shrimp (peeled & deveined)   26/30ct   3lb bag   48.00
Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00   
Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder    20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Frozen Cleaned Squid   1lb.   10.00
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Posted 2/8/2018 8:30am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello Everybody! Better late than never  . . . ?

Virtual Winter Market is still happening this week! Order Now!

Your farmers are back from lovely Puerto Rico. We could not have had a better time. We really got to see a lot of different parts of the island, try lots of food and drinks, swim in warm ocean water, snorkel off a boat over a coral reef, jump into lots of swimming pools, swim under a waterfall in a cool river, and even in the bioluminescent bay, where plankton light up like fireflies all around you as you swim at night! We certainly saw signs of the devastation of the hurricane and much of the center of the island is still without power, but all of the coastal tourist areas are up and running and you should absolutely not hesitate to visit this unbelievably gorgeous country. We encountered outrageously nice people - like out of their way kind. As we walked home from a fabulous dinner (& the best margarita i've ever tasted) at a Mexican place in San Juan, we got caught in a flash rainstorm. Chris had Graham on his shoulders and as we approached a stop sign, a woman pulled up, rolled down her passenger window and passed us an umbrella, "for the little boy," she shouted. Imagine! 



We managed to get an order in from Farm Fresh Rhode Island's "Market Mobile" so we have a fresh supply of Mi Tierra organic corn tortillas, organic dried cranberries, crimini mushrooms, some new cheese selections from Narragansett Creamery (little ciliegine mozzarella balls, the 1.5# tin of ricotta, and a whipped feta/kalamata olive spread), and Beltane Farm goat cheese - plain wasn't available but they did have the Herbs de Provence version, which is excellent as well. 

The happy hens over at Treehouse Farms in Millis and at Birchwold Farm in Wrentham continue to respond to the increased day length with an outpouring of fabulous farm fresh eggs! This is seriously a good winter food. You could make some really nice fresh pasta with these beautiful eggs. Pair that with Narragansett's ricotta and you could have a fun Sunday ravioli or lasagna making session! Our fresh spinach would be perfect in ravioli fillings!


White Barn Farm Beets and Carrots are still in abundance! We've got a new batch of certified organic potatoes from Sparrow Arc farm in all different varieties. We'll be harvesting more pea tendrils this afternoon and Mike at Mike's Micros has added Arugula salad and Sunflower shoots to his offerings this week. Make sure to get your green in this week! Farmer Sam is bringing another batch of his gourmet oyster mushrooms. It is just going to be a symphony of great food this week!

Pre-orders may be placed up until 7am on Friday. If you don't get a pre-order in, feel free to stop in during pick-up hours (12pm to 6pm Fridays) in the right side of the barn. We should have plenty of extra produce, provisions, and meat from the freezer for you to select from. Jordan Brothers Seafood Truck will be there 2pm to 6pm, too! Tell your friends to come check us out!

The email from Jordan Brothers Seafood this week was as follows:

Email to place a pre-order

Sea Scallops? 1/2lb 11.00

Atlantic Salmon 8/9oz 9.00

Haddock fillet 13/14oz 15.00

Pollock fillet 14/15oz 10.00

Hake fillet 10/12oz 10.00

Monkfish fillet 10/12oz 12.00

Cooked Shrimp 1/2lb 10.00

Frozen Raw Shrimp (peeled & deveined) 26/30ct 3lb bag 48.00

Native Crabmeat 1/2lb 17.00

Frozen Minced Clams 1lb 6.00

Stuffed Clams 5oz 2.00ea

PEI Mussels 2lb 6.00

Littleneck Clams 1doz 7.00

Oysters 1/2doz 7.00

Clam Chowder 20oz 7.00

Shrimp & Corn Chowder 20oz 7.00

Lobster Bisque 20oz 7.00

Crab Bisque 20oz 7.00

Greysole ??? 8/9oz 12.00

Posted 1/30/2018 1:18pm by christy kantlehner.

TIME TO ORDER! Follow this link: Virtual Winter Market

NEW this week:

Farmer Sam's mixed oyster mushrooms. Plainville, MA

Treehouse Farms eggs. Millis, MA

AND if you didn't see them last Friday- Birchwold Farm eggs are in the mix!

BACK IN STOCK: Pat's Pastured Ground Beef. E. Greenwich, RI

Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans are also back in stock: Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Organic Kenya

GREEN AND LIVELY: spinach and pea tendrils from right here at White Barn Farm, Mike's Micros - tasty, nutrient dense, little power food micro greens grown by the exacting hands of Mike in Mansfield at Common Acre Farm.

DELICIOUS RAW*: carrots, daikon radish, kohlrabi, watermelon radish, red cabbage, green cabbage, and depending on your taste buds, beets.

Anyone got a spiralizer? a julienne peeler? a box grater? Mad Knife Skillz?

* note that all of these are ALSO great roasted or in a stir fry 


 #Don't judge a book by its cover #Just Peel It #Yummy but not Pretty

Personal Note:

You will not believe where I am writing from. Puerto Rico. Everyone's first question is whether we are traveling for fun or to help with the recovery effort. I answer with no small amount of shame - we are going for vacation. Although in choosing this island we were thinking that this would be the place to spend tourist dollars.

I asked Graham whether I should include some pictures or if that would make our customers mad (i.e. envious because it is presently snowing in Wrentham). He said, "no, i think they will like it." If it makes anyone feel better it has been completely cloudy so far and we are still as white as albino whales, and possibly just as blubbery. I guess I should speak for myself on that last note!

Well. After several tries, I can't get pictures from my phone onto this complimentary hotel computer. You will have to imagine: Graham running wildly upon seeing a vast hillside of grass at El Morro, the very old fortress in Old San Juan, palm trees battered to bits yet with tiny chartreuse fresh growth showing both the brutality and resilience of nature, lush green mountains, then yellow grassy hills, fierce ocean waves, anywhere America shops but on the CVS it says "24 horas", solid looking blue FEMA tarps tied down in a grid functioning as roofs on an unimaginable majority of homes in some neighborhoods, hummingbirds appropriately feeding at birds of paradise flowers, open air restaurants, colorful rows of buildings, friendly smiles and words from every Puerto Rican we meet, traffic light intersections with de facto four-way stop rules flowing surprisingly smoothly, stray calico cats hunting, green parrots of some sort chasing each other around alleyways, boarded up buildings, endless signs of clean-up and restoration work, freshly fixed up places. We are enjoying our trip so much so far and we've hardly been here more than 24 hours and if you must know, Graham woke up puking in the bed with us, so we are still awaiting some sweet restfulness. 

pictures added to the blog after first sending to the mailing list:

Important Note! The show must go on. Mike Lawyer, who you may have met the last two weeks at Friday pick-up, will be receiving all of you who have pre-ordered or just decide to swing in and see what's available. He has been our right hand man for all of 2017. He is the one who meticulously direct seeded most crops, can do all of the tractor work, harvests, washes, and packs with speed and the eye for quality only a chef could have. Please treat him well! White Barn Farm is not known for being free from technical difficulty, though we tried to school him on all contingency plans, if needed.

Thank you for ordering on our Online Market!! This is keeping a little cash flow going to keep the heat at 30 in the greenhouse and the electricity running our walk-in and freezers, greenhouse ventilation, heat mats, and whatnot!


Posted 1/23/2018 3:13pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Howdy folks!

It's a rainy day here at the farm.  Christy and I are inside looking back at all our records from last year.  You all did a great job supporting us, we sold thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to our neighbors through our little farmstand.  Thank you for choosing to shop here!

Did you know you can place an order anytime Sunday through Friday morning?  Then pick up your order at the farm on Friday, 12-6.

So whether you are at work, watching your kids, cruising through facebook or instagram, our produce is at your fingertips.  And the best part  is we pack it all for you. 

We have some great Items available this week.  Check it out

Place an Online Order Now!

Time to Roast Beets for a delicious side or salad topping!

and Ginger Carrot Soup is Calling your Name! - give it a little more body by adding a sweet potato or white potato.

This is becoming a really great way to connect with all of you in the off season, so please spread the word.

Follow us on facebook and instagram for farm updates

Facebook: White Barn Farm

Instagram: @whitebarnfarmers

Please know that your financial support at this time of year gives us the ability to provide fresh produce for you during the growing season. If it works for you, please sign up for our CSA program.

Info:  2018 CSA Shares

Reserve Your Spot: 2018 CSA Sign Up

Finally, as always our good friend Bobby Jordan will will be manning the seafood truck on Friday from 2-6.  Here is his list of items you can pre order. 

Sea Scallops?   1/2lb   11.00  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00   
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00
Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat?   1/2lb   17.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
Live Lobsters   1.25lb ea   17.00ea  
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   34.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag   70.00
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Greysole???   8/9oz   12.00  
Swordfish???   10/12oz   14.00
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Shellfish not available in Boston
Please order by 5:00AM the day of the venue
Please order by 5:00AM Friday for Saturday venues
see you all next week
chris and christy




Posted 1/17/2018 11:13am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello 2017 CSA Members!

If you would like to renew your membership in our CSA for 2018, reserve your spot on our online CSA "store"

There are changes this year, of course!

We are no longer boxing any shares, but we will be making our crop plan to provide our CSA Members with a predetermined share every week from May 11 through December 14.

We are offering a 5 week Spring Share, 20 week Summer Share, and 4 biweekly pick-up (8 week) Fall Share. Read more on the website.

You will pack your own share, according to signage, right at the farmstand. 

The Summer Share pick-ups are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday - Sign up for the day you would like to pick up. You can come during the whole farmstand hours timespan: 10am to 6pm, on your chosen day.

Payments are due as soon as possible. If you need to space out your payments, we totally understand! Just get your payment in full for each segment to us at least one week before the pickups for that segment begin. 

Reserve your spot online even if you are not going to send your payment right away. We have the online CSA store keeping track of how many spots are open for each share and each summer share pick up day. We want tp make sure renewing members secure their spots! 

Thank you all for your support! And for being so cool and flexible about working with seasonal produce! It is a joy to grow for such an appreciative crowd!

With thoughts of sunshine and bountiful produce on a snowy winter's day,

Christy, Chris, and Graham Kantlehner, farm family at White Barn Farm

P.S. If the Farmer Selected CSA Share is not for you: You can still support the farm and commit to buying fresh, healthy produce by purchasing a CSA Card. You get a 10% bonus if we receive your payment by April 1st! Read more under the CSA menu on our website.

P.P.S. Sorry for the redundancy of this message. Just want to make sure renewing members have the chance to chime in before we start marketing openings in the CSA.