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Winter Share 2024: Week 8

February 21 - 24

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Hi Folks,

Thank you so much for your flexibility this season. This week's pick up will look a lot like last week's.


- All operations will be conducted at the door of our retail greenhouse located at 431 South St, Wrentham, MA.

- Farm Shares will be prepared ahead of time for CSA members.

- We are moving the bulk of our retail sales online.

- Online orders can be scheduled for pick-up on Wednesdays (10am-5pm), Fridays (10am-5pm), and Saturdays (10am-2pm). Meaning you can pick up additional items at the same time you plan to pick up your Share.

- Pre-ordering your items online will help to ensure a smooth and efficient experience, especially in case of inclement weather.

- Limited items will be available for purchase on-site, including bread and frozen chicken and steak, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Online Market is open now for you to make any purchases. It is still a work in progress so you may see new things pop up each time you log on.

Some deadlines coming up:

These are the last days to purchase the Full Year Farm Share Bundle. This discounted offer is only available through the end of this month, February 29.

Also, due to changes in Square's system, we've had to move up the deadline for a bonus 5% on Farmstand Cards to February 29. Top off your card, or buy a new one, for the season here.

Farmer Chris Recipe: I love sweet potatoes the easiest way to cook them is skin on.  Coat with pat of butter or olive oil, salt, pepper, dash of cinnamon.
Bake in 425 degree oven, baste with the fats every 10 mins. Let outside get crispy and the inside gets all nice and warm. 
To serve slice down the middle unleashing the steam and add another pat of butter, a couple of drizzles of maple syrup. Pairs wonderful with grilled sausage and slightly cooked spinach and garlic.

In this Week's Share:

1 bag Spinach****, White Barn Farm

1 bag Carrots*, Tangerini's Farm

1 bag Sweet Potatoes**, Riverland Farm

1 bag Onions***, Porter Farm

Provision: 1 bag Pea Tendrils****, Not our usual provision but we couldn't pass these up! From our friends at Common Acre Farm in Mansfield.

Quantities are larger in than in previous weeks. Here are some storage tips:

*Carrots: Wrap unpeeled, unwashed carrots in a dry paper towel, and store them in an airtight food storage container or bag. Store the container of carrots in the coolest part of your refrigerator.

** Sweet Potatoes: These will keep well on your counter for at least a week. For longer term storage, keep your sweet potatoes in a paper bag or basket in a kitchen cabinet, pantry, or basement. Choose a cabinet that's not near the heat of your oven. A spot closer to the floor will be cooler. Sweet potatoes prefer a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees.

***Onions: Store onions in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Maintain storage temperature of 45-55°F. Do not wrap onions in plastic or store in plastic bags. A lack of air circulation will reduce shelf life.

****Greens: (this week Spinach and Pea Tendrils) Store best in your refrigerator. Keep in the plastic bag they come in and keep it closed. If ever feeling overwhelmed by greens, pop a bag in your freezer! They can be used frozen in smoothies or into anything you are going to cook like soups or stews.

CSA sale this week:

Pork Sausage from Woodlawn Farmstead

Pasture Raised, Grass Fed

10% off our frozen Sausage. Several varieties available. Must be purchased at the door to receive discount.

Pick up is Wednesday 10 - 5, Friday 10 - 5, Saturday 10 - 2

Pick at the door to the Greenhouse. We have shortened our weekday hours for the winter season: 10 - 5 on Wednesdays and Fridays but we've added pick ups on Saturdays from 10 - 2. This season, you can pick up anytime we are operating!

Add Ons: Add on Shares are purchased separately. Please pick up your bread on the day you signed up for. All other add ons can be picked up anytime we are open.

Add on Shares:

Bread: 4 Ciabatta Rolls - Iggy's Bread of the World, MA

Cheese: Mozzarella - Narragansett Creamery, RI

Eggs: 1 dozen - Latremore Farms, NY

Mushrooms: King Trumpet - RI Mushroom Co, RI; Recipes

Farmstand Hours: Wed 10am - 5 pm
Fri 10 am - 5 pm
Sat 10 am - 2 pm

Pick up Procedures for the Winter Share

  • Pick up on your scheduled day any time Wednesday/Friday 10 - 5 or Saturday 10 -2

  • Pick up will be at the door of the Greenhouse at 431 South St, Wrentham.

  • Your items will be pre-packed unless otherwise noted.

  • We will be packing with items we already have on hand. It may be a box, a paper bag or a plastic bag.

  • Please see staff when you are picking up your share unless otherwise noted.

  • Order Online.

  • You can make additional purchases at the door of the Greenhouse.


Pick up is Wednesday/Friday from 10 - 5 or Saturday 10 - 2

Thank you so much for support!


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