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Farmstand CSA Cards

***Please Note***
In order to better serve our valued customers, we have made some recent changes to our processing systems, including for our Farmstand CSA Cards. Any Farmstand CSA Cards purchased March 2023 on will be the new cards and will have the ability to be directly reloaded online through Square. Check Card Balance/Reload your Square Farmstand CSA Card here. Cards can be reloaded online in $200 increments with the current promo through April 1st. (Reload any amount in person at the Farmstand - $200 minimum for the current promo.)

If your Farmstand CSA Card was issued before March 2023, please purchase a new Card, below. It will be mailed to you, unless you prefer to make arrangements to pick it up at the Farmstand. See picture below if unsure whether you have a "new" Farmstand CSA Card.
For your reference, this is the back of a "new" Farmstand CSA Card, with the Square symbol in the bottom, left corner.
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