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Winter! Updated hours for this week & next

December 16 - December 23

Here we go again! Farming in NE can be a humbling experience to say the least. We are trying to get ahead of the weather and deliver as much to our customers as possible in the next few days.

Also, discounts on wreaths!

Traditional now $20

Premium now $40

Tomorrow, Wednesday , 12/16 - Fall Share CSA distribution as usual, 11am - 5pm. No Walk-ins.

Please come as early as you can to pick up. As of this writing the storm is not supposed to hit until 7pm but we all know that timetable could change in either direction. If you would like to pick up your order on Friday instead this week, please email Jen DeBaggis, and let her know.

Thursday, 12/17 - Closed - No online orders. No Walk-ins.

Friday, 12/18 - Fall Share CSA distribution as usual, 11am - 5pm. No Walk-ins.

The Fall Share CSA will be distributed on the Tent side of the road as usual but we plan to have the Tent down by that point.

Saturday, 12/19 - 9am - 2pm. Online orders will be picked up in the BARN. No Walk-ins, please order online.

The Barn is located across the street from the tent that we have been using all season. It is located at 458 South St., Wrentham, located at the end of the driveway. We will be set up on the right hand side of the Barn.

Sunday, 12/20 - Closed

Monday, 12/21 - Closed

Tuesday, 12/22 - 11am - 5pm, Online orders will be picked up in the BARN. Order Online

Spring, Summer, Fall and Flower Share members will receive 10% off. Look for a separate email with a coupon code.

Wednesday, 12/23 - 11am - 5pm, Extra Online Order Day! Orders will be picked up in the BARN. Order Online

We will also be open in the Barn for Walk-ins. 10% off for Share Members in person and online.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Flower Share members look for a separate email with a coupon code.

Thursday, 12/24 - Tuesday 1/5 - Closed for Winter Break

Sunday 1/3 - Online ordering opens for Wednesday 1/6 pick up in the barn

Winter Plan:

Starting January 6th, Wednesday and Saturday pick ups of ONLINE ORDERS ONLY, no Walk-ins.

Winter Produce and Provisions Share is Wednesdays or Saturdays starting January 6th.

The shares will be pre-boxed, we will not be able to accommodate any substitutions.

See pick up details below. 

Sometimes the share may change at the last minute due to availability.


Questions? Check out our Share FAQ


Pick up Procedures fro the Fall Share

  • Pick up will be on the tent side of the street. Directly across from 458 South St., Wrentham.

  • Pick up any time between 12 - 5.

  • No need to text us when you arrive.

  • If you are unable to or feel uncomfortable getting out of your car, please give us a quick honk and someone will come within speaking distance to your window to assist you. 

  • Tell the farmstand staff member your name so we can check it off.

  • Tell the farmstand staff member which share(s) you are picking up: vegetable, bread, cheese, mushroom, egg, beef.

  • We will have tables out at least 6 feet apart when you arrive.

  • We will have your pre-boxed vegetable share on the table and will pack any additional shares for you while you wait.

  • You may take a box when the staff member steps away. 

  • Our staff will be wearing masks. We would appreciate it if you do too.

  • Please mind your distance from others and staff. We are required to maintain a 6' distance.


Due to the current public health crisis, all of our plans are fluid. We may have to change this plan if we feel it is not keeping people safe. 

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday from 12 - 5

Thank you so much for support!

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