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For You. For Us. For Farms.

Join our community with a CSA card!

In the past two years, we’ve all experienced changes, big and small.

Our biggest change here at White Barn Farm? Our business.

We’re becoming more than just the foods that we grow. In the past 4 growing seasons, our tent has doubled as we’ve diversified our products. You’ve probably noticed the growing number of cheese varieties sitting behind a glass cooler. During different seasons, you may see the abundance of what local produce we have in our area; in the summer, we provide strawberries, blueberries, and peaches, all purchased from farms just under 50 miles away; in the fall, we sell sweet potatoes from a farm in Western Massachusetts. No longer limited to selling only what we grow, we are becoming a hub of New England food sourcing.

We are expanding. But we are expanding sustainably; we commit to growing the quality organic produce we can while gathering up the bounty from other New England farms and providers.

Our growth and support start your investment: your investment into a healthy life for yourself, your neighbors, your farm, and your planet.

How do you invest in our community? By becoming a cardholder.

Here at White Barn, we spend the winter months preparing for our next growing season; ordering seeds, rebuilding greenhouses, starting seedlings, hiring, and coming up with better and more efficient ways to produce food.

By becoming a cardholder, you are providing us with the financial stability that allows us to plan ahead. You are committing to the sustainability of our food, our farms, and our community. You are starting a contract with us–a contract that supports our growing practices and CSA model in exchange for food that nourishes you and your family.

Your purchase of a CSA card will allow us to continue to expand and offer more locally-sourced products. Moving forward, we are offering a 5% increase to the funds you place on your White Barn Farm CSA Card upon purchasing. If you purchase a $300-card, we gift you $15 extra.

Purchasing a farm card gives you the freedom to shop our growing variety of local foods; it also gives us the financial security to plan for the upcoming season. Cards are available for purchase online from now until April 1.

We appreciate your support. And we can’t wait to see you swiping your Barn Bucks at the store this spring.

Want to commit to our CSA program? Stay tuned. Next week, we’ll provide more information regarding our Seasonal CSA program.

Commit to good food.


White Barn Farm

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