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From Destruction Comes Gratitude

An after-storm message from Farmer Chris

December 20, 2023

Hurry over to check on the tent, get Graham to school, come back to Farm to secure the tent, rescue the produce, save the cooler, don’t let the grass fed meat go to waste, save the farm, one more week till we are open, how much did that tent cost? Haven't we done this before?

Those are the thoughts that rushed through my head on Monday morning as I heard mother nature's destruction from my bed.  

My daily tasks list begins when my eyes open and this past monday it felt more and more heavy with each drop of rain and gust of wind.

To no avail, the thoughts that washed through as I watched our tent sail around like we were in the perfect storm were that of sadness, frustration and annoyingness.  What could I have done? Why me? What are we gonna do?

A bright red truck pulled into our driveway like a dinghy in the ocean. A call for help was not needed, just the selfless act of helping a good friend out was all I can say for this farm angel to come our way, thank you Keith.

This was the change; this was the moment that my attitude pivoted to gratitude.  Grateful for my community. On my hands and knees picking up broken glass being pelted by gushing rain, wind whipping around and all I could say to myself this is where I am MEANT to be.  This place, this moment, right now.   Participating in such a beautiful act, that is growing food for a community.  Providing and nourishing all my neighbors.

Slowly our staff rolled into the farm, thinking today was scheduled office day.  They knew what had to happen, arming themselves with rain slickers, red knives and a hardened attitude. They did what they had to do for the farm, rescued our food, saved what we could, set us up for the next day.

Feeling part of such a strong community of friends, family, shoppers, laborers, workers, moms, dads, supporters, makes my heart grow.  To all who have reached out and shown support in person or social media has meant so much to me and White Barn Farm.  To my friends, family and summer staff that volunteered or showed up to help get us up and running for our scheduled Wednesday - our Christmas week Farmstand.  I thank you all.  You are the reason I do what I do.  You are the reason my attitude shifted that day and I'm living on the highs of your smiles, your energy and your kind words.

Let's all do our part to keep this farm thriving, let's end this 2023 with less putting back bins in coolers, let's make our Saturday easier to break down and let’s keep the good food vibes HIGH.

How can you support us this CHRISTMAS week?

Come and shop, feed yourself!!

Farmstand hours

Wednesday 10-6

Thursday 10-6 (special day)

Friday 10-6 

Saturday 10-2 (last day of 2023)

Feed your Family!!!

Feed the Farm (help us for 2024 growing season, invest in us and you won't go hungry)

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