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Fall Share 2020: Week 3

November 11 & November 13

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday 12 - 5

What a difference a week makes! Last weekend we expected a dusting but that is not what we got. Farming in NE can be a humbling experience. To keep the variety that you expect of fresh vegetables coming, we scrambled to pick as much as we could.

Some of this week's share were picked earlier than we planned and you may see some esthetic blemishes on the greens you receive this week. Our suggestion is to cook your bok choy early in the week and definitely plan a salad too! Everything that you receive is completely edible and delicious but not the top quality that you are used to from us. You will see that we have given you a bigger share than usual to make up for it. Because of the snow, we might have a few weeks with less greens than usual. But rest assured, we have some growing in our covered tunnels and will have them for you before the Fall Share is over.

If you would like to purchase more items when you pick up your share, please place it in person. Our crew will pack your order as you wait. We can accept cash, checks, credit cards or SNAP/EBT. We will have lots of our provisions, plants, bread, meat, cheese and a variety of extra produce available.

In this Week's Share:

Post winter apocalypse, feels like summer fresh share!

Lettuce mix, Bok choy, Kohlrabi, Garlic, Carnival squash, Salad Turnip/Radish mix, Radicchio

Lots of great stuff to eat fresh! Salad time!!!

The Kohlrabi will be big! Cut off pieces and store in fridge. It is also great roasted. Your Radicchio was harvested in 3 inches of snow! Here's an easy recipe: Roasted Balsmic Radicchio

Through that Bok Choy into a stir fry or rice bowl. It's a favorite in soup, too!

Add Ons: 6 Multi Seed Bagels, 2 cuts Beef, Ricotta Cheese, 1 dozen Eggs, Gold Oyster Mushrooms

Good News! We have more space in the Fall Beef Share, sign up today!

The shares will be pre-boxed, we will not be able to accommodate any substitutions.

See pick up details below. 

Sometimes the share may change at the last minute due to availability.


Questions? Check out our Share FAQ


Pick up Procedures fro the Fall Share

  • Pick up will be on the tent side of the street. Directly across from 458 South St., Wrentham.

  • Pick up any time between 12 - 5.

  • No need to text us when you arrive.

  • If you are unable to or feel uncomfortable getting out of your car, please give us a quick honk and someone will come within speaking distance to your window to assist you. 

  • Tell the farmstand staff member your name so we can check it off.

  • Tell the farmstand staff member which share(s) you are picking up: vegetable, bread, cheese, mushroom, egg, beef.

  • We will have tables out at least 6 feet apart when you arrive.

  • We will have your pre-boxed vegetable share on the table and will pack any additional shares for you while you wait.

  • You may take a box when the staff member steps away. 

  • Our staff will be wearing masks. We would appreciate it if you do too.

  • Please mind your distance from others and staff. We are required to maintain a 6' distance.


Due to the current public health crisis, all of our plans are fluid. We may have to change this plan if we feel it is not keeping people safe. 

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday from 12 - 5

Thank you so much for support!

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