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Spring Share 2023: Week 1

April 5 & 7

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Spring is here!! Welcome to all of our new share members and welcome back to all of our returning members!

A few things about the Spring Share... the beginning of these Spring Shares will still include local, organically sourced produce from other New England farms to provide you with a very diverse food share. We love to educate and celebrate some of these other food providers in the area and you will often see links to other local farms and providers. The produce share is just part of what we offer with each seasonal share. We also offer 4 add on shares for additional purchase: Bread, Cheese, Eggs or Mushrooms. Each of these shares are available providing you with a 10%+ discount over our regular prices. On the fence about add on shares? We will be closing sales for the add on shares this week. Order today! Also, each week we offer additional savings on other products as part of your share membership. This week is 10% off of Shiitake Mushrooms.

CSA Member Specials this week:

10% off Shiitake Mushrooms from RI Mushroom Company

In this Week's Share:

1 bag of WBF Micro Mix blend

1 bag of our greenhouse grown braising Swiss chard (pairs super well with Shiitake Mushrooms for an Easter frittada)

1 bag of our own Cheap Frills mild salad mix

1 fresh culinary Basil plant.

1 lb of Turnips, varieties include Macomber or Purple Top great roasted side dish!!!

1 big sweet potato grown organically in Hadley, MA

1lb of super sweet Parsnips!!

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday, 10 - 6

Detailed pick up instructions can be found at the bottom of this post.

Recipe Ideas: Root veggies are wonderful to roast and you can change up this basic recipe with dried herbs and spices or top with chopped fresh herbs. Easy Roasted Root Veggies, Chard and Mushroom Frittata.

  • Reminder: Add-on shares: bread, eggs, cheese, and mushrooms are paid for separately from the veggies share. If you would like to be part of our add on shares, please sign up HERE.

Add Ons: Add on Shares are still available online for purchase.

*Share Add-ons!

Bread: Country Pullman - a classic sourdough loaf - Iggy's Bread of the World

Cheese: Plymouth Cheddars, variety - Plymouth Cheese Co.

Eggs: 1 dozen Eggs from one of our local producers

Mushrooms: Gold Oyster Mushrooms - Mushroom Recipes! Our mushrooms are from RI Mushroom Co.

*All Add-Ons are subject to producer availability.

And the Farmstand is Open for any edible additions to your share!

Farmstand Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday - Sunday 9am-4pm


Pick up Procedures for the Fall Share

  • Pick up on your scheduled day any time Wednesday/Friday 10 - 6

  • Pick up will be in the greenhouse located at 431 South St, Wrentham.

  • Your items will be self serve so you can choose between options.

  • Please bring bags and boxes for your items to help us conserve.

  • We will have a clip board listing the items and the choices in the share.

  • Please check your name off the list when you pick up.

  • Add on share items will be located in designated coolers or fridges.


Pick up is Wednesday/Friday from 10 - 6

Thank you so much for support!


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