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Leaf by Leaf

Chris Kantlehner

As I pick spinach on the first of February, snowflakes fall, wind cuts through the south easthern Mass mini tundra farmland. My fingers a bit frosted, my mind wanders. I'm not protected by my own high tunnel. I'm not even picking spinach that I planted, seeded, watered. I'm not at my own farm. Yet I feel the deep connection. This hearty spinach has a story. It's a story of the interconnectedness commitment of my local farming friends. It starts with you, our customers demanding winter greens to enjoy this season.

“Shoot!, my tunnels are tired”, they have been working so hard this winter. Let's give them a break this week. So I get on the horn. “Britney, got any spinach?” She replies “yeah have at it, about 1 to 1 ½ beds, clear cut, all yours.”

And so the story begins...hold on tight I'm about ready to weave a web of spinach picking and connection.

Kevin and Britney Overshiner of Upswing Farm were leasing land from an Original OG farmer back before it was cool. Tim Garbowski of Grateful Farm, in Franklin Ma, has been a steward for his bit of suburban farm land for quite some time now. Growing his market garden through organic practices and community.