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Fall Share 2021: Weeks 4 & 5 Double Share!!

November 17 & 19

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the double share!! Just a reminder that you are receiving 2x the normal amount this week in preparation for Thanksgiving! There will not be a share distributed next week.

Looking for more to fill your holiday table? Check out our Thanksgiving Pre-Sale. Place your order online for pick up on Saturday or next week Wednesday. We have lots more veggies, bread and pies!

CSA Member Specials this week:

$4.50 each stalk of Brussels Sprouts

$8.00 Apple bags

$3.50 small Cranberries

$1 decorative Gourds and Baby Pumpkins

Specials for everyone:

10% bonus on Farmstand CSA cards, now through November 20th.

This is a great deal for you if you always shop and supplement your share with extra produce and provisions. The cards will be good for Farmstand purchases for the remainder of this year and going into 2022.

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday 12 - 5

In this Week's Share:

Bunch of Carrots

Bunch of your choice of Radish or White Salad Turnips

Bunch Parsley

Big bag of Fall harvested Greens

Head of Garlic

Cabbage, Red or Green

3lbs Sweet Potatoes

4lbs Potatoes

4lbs Winter Squash

Add Ons:

Double Add on Share too: Round loaf of Whole Wheat and 6 Cranberry Pecan Rolls*, 4 cuts Beef, Choice**: Pirate Spread/Olive Treasure and Choice** Divine Providence/Atwell's Gold, 2 dozen Eggs, White Beech and Gold Oyster Mushrooms

*Iggy's bread freezes well. Pop one or both in the freezer for next week's holiday!

**You receive two cheeses this week, each is a choice of 2. One for spreading and one for slicing!

And the Farmstand in the Barn is Open for any additions to your share.


Fall Shares will not be boxed. Please bring bags and boxes.

See pick-up details below.

Sometimes the share may change at the last minute due to availability.


Questions? Check out our Share FAQ


Pick up Procedures for the Fall Share

  • Pick up on your scheduled day any time Wednesday/Friday 12 - 5

  • Weeks 2-8: Pick up will be in the barn located at the end of the driveway of 458 South St, Wrentham.

  • The driveway can get muddy, plan your footwear.

  • Items will be outside whenever the weather cooperates.

  • Your items will be self serve so you can choose between options.

  • Please bring bags and boxes for your items to help us conserve.

  • We will have a clipboard listing the items and the choices in the share.

  • Add on share items will be located in designated coolers.

  • Please check your name off the list when you pick up.

  • Masking: We are following MA rules, as of 6/7/2021, all fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks. Unvaccinated people are still advised to wear masks when they are not able to maintain a 6 foot distance from others. We support anyone who chooses to wear a mask, no matter their vaccination status. We understand that individuals make masking decisions for various reasons. We hope our customers are understanding of others choices, too.

  • Many of our staff are fully vaccinated, but are still wearing masks. Please respect our decision to protect any of our customers who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated or are not able to for health reasons.

  • Please mind your distance from others and staff while we navigate the new rules.


Due to the current public health crisis, all of our plans are fluid. We may have to change this plan if we feel it is not keeping people safe. 

Pick up is Wednesday/Friday from 12 - 5

Thank you so much for your support!


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