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A Huge Thanks!

Good morning dedicated White Barn Farm Community!!!

This message is a long time coming. I haven't had much time to sit and down and put all my feelings of gratitude into words. Starting in March all of our lives changed. Most Marches I'm still trying to get my last ski runs in with Graham. Christy and Laurene are seeding next to the wood stove in the greenhouse. We are eagerly anticipating the season to come. But this March was a bit different. White Barn Farm was propelled into action. We needed to feed!! Groceries were scarce, people were feeling nervous to enter public spaces, and our routines were thrown into root washer. Food must be there!

Eating can provide nourishment, comfort, creativity, community and love. Although most of the food we were selling wasn't directly from White Barn Farm, I was able to reach out to so many growers and producers that I trust, admire, and love. They helped with getting our community good eats. And, once again, you all responded. You kept us going with your outpouring of support, with your generous notes, thank yous, air kisses and hugs, and your check books. This year's CSA numbers nearly doubled, online sales were fantastic, Farmstand CSA cards grew, plants flew of the shelves and sales of healthy provisions jumped. What makes me the most proud of all of those numbers is not the financial impact that it makes on our business (although we are grateful for that), it is the fact that more people in our community are eating better quality, local, organic, fresh food. And for that I thank you!!

I made the choice to grow food for our community in my late teens. I was compelled to participate in the changing of the food system. That drive has always been the cornerstone of White Barn Farm, it lies within all of us who work the land. This season more then any other season has reinforced why this land located at 458 South St., Wrentham, Massachusetts is still here. It is why we do what we do. We do this for all of you - our community. Selfishly, I think of all the people who bought food for this unusual Thanksgiving season and I absolutely smile ear to ear. I am proud to be a small scale, organic farmer for the people. Thank you all for so much love and support for this little farm. We hope to continue providing only the healthiest and best for you, your family and our community for many more years to come.

Eat well, Be well.

Eat fresh, Be Fresh.

Commit to good food.


Give Thanks.

Your are all wonderful humans for making the right choice in your food lifestyle.

Happy Holidays!

Farmer Chris

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