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Summer Share 2023: Week 2

July 12 and 14

Hi folks,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Jen G and I take care of the add on shares and write this email to you every week. Usually, Farmer Chris sends along some words of wisdom to pass on to you all but he is visiting family today - taking a short mid season break. I'm writing this on Monday while biblical amounts of rain are falling on my house - Glad I don't work in the fields! We all know that rain is a necessary component to a great farm season but really, it's raining buckets! Hopefully Wednesday and Friday will be beautiful days to pick up your shares. Rain aside, I'd like to take this opportunity to share my email address, Please feel free to drop me a line sometime and tell me what you are liking (loving?!) about the share and if there is anything you don't. Do you have any questions? Shoot them my way and we will see if we can clear them up. Have a great week and see you around the Farmstand! - Jen G

Detailed pick up instructions can be found at the bottom of this post.

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CSA Member Specials this week:

$4 Bag of Super Salad Mix

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday, 10 - 6

In this Week's Share:

2 heads Lettuce

2lbs Summer and Squash and Zucchini mix

1 head Radicchio

1lbs Beets

1lbs Cucumbers

1 bunch Carrots

Choose one:


Swiss Chard


1 bunch Basil

Add Ons: Add on Shares are purchased separately.

Add on Shares:

Cheese: Renaissance Ricotta - Narragansett Creamery, Providence, RI

Bread: 4 Ciabatta Rolls - Iggy's Bread of the World, Cambridge, MA

Eggs: 1 dozen - One of our local egg producers

Mushrooms: Portobello Cap Mushrooms - RI Mushroom Co, West Kingston, RI

And the Farmstand is Open for any edible additions to your share, plus we have plants, potting soil, and/or compost for your gardens!

Summer Farmstand Hours: Tues - Sat 9am - 6pm

Sun 9am - 4pm


Pick up Procedures for the Summer Share

  • Pick up on your scheduled day any time Wednesday/Friday 10 - 6

  • Pick up will be in the tent at 431 South St, Wrentham.

  • Your items will be self serve so you can choose between options.

  • Please bring bags and boxes for your items to help us conserve.

  • We will have a clip board listing the items and the choices in the share.

  • Please check your name off the list when you pick up.

  • Add on share items will be located in designated coolers or fridges.


Pick up is Wednesday/Friday from 10 - 6

Thank you so much for support!


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