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Roasted Beets

What should I do with beets?

In our family, we roast them! Roasting beets is simple. Trim and wash your beets, coat them with a little olive oil, wrap them in foil and pop them in your oven (or on your grill!) at 400° for 50 or 60 minutes, until tender.

With this week's share I would add the shallots whole in the same foil packet or baking dish as the beets. When they are done roasting I remove the skins/peels after they've cooled off a bit. Serve warm over your favorite cooked grain (Wheat berries, rice, polenta, bulgur, etc.) or chill and serve them over your favorite green. Either way, feta is a great accompaniment.

While my beets are roasting, I would roast my pie pumpkin. Might as well save a bit of energy and roast everything at the same time! My pie pumpkin gets puréed and stored in my freezer in 1 or 2 cup sizes, depending on what I'm thinking of making. Pies need 2 cups and I have pumpkin bread recipes that take 2 cups, but I often make that as a half recipe, so, 1 cup. I also freeze some of my pumpkin purée in ice cube trays for those funky pumpkin latte recipes! Here's my favorite: Detoxinista' Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Enjoy the cooler weather this week! - Jen G

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