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Online Market

Online Market is under construction.
We will open for ordering at 5pm Tuesday.
Welcome to our Online Market!
Ordering Information
I'm sure you are all keeping up with the new information out of Boston. With the state's decision to keep schools closed through the end of the school year, we have decided that we will continue to offer our produce and provisions online through July 4th. We may further extend the online market depending on the conditions in our state.  
Pickup will every Tuesday and Thursday, 11am - 5pm. 
For Tuesday pick up: Place your order between Noon Friday and 4 PM Tuesday 
For Thursday pick up: Place your order between Noon Tuesday and 4 PM Thursday
Minimum order of $15. See below for separate seafood deadlines.
Place your order online and pay online with your credit card or choose "offline payment" to use your Farmstand CSA Card. Put the last four digits of your CSA Card in the notes and we'll remotely redeem the amount of your order. Thank you to all of our customers who have ordered through our online market. 
Pickup Information

In an effort to serve more customers, we are assigning pickup times by last name as follows:

New Assignments for this week based on our sales volume. Hopefully this will lower the wait times in the afternoon. 

11am-12pm A-D 

12pm-1pm E-H

1pm-2pm I-L 

2pm-3pm M-N 

3pm-4pm O-S 

4pm-5pm T-Z  

We understand that all of you will not be able to pick up at your assigned time. Please try to stick to your window as much as possible. If you can't make it in the assigned window, just get here as close to it as you can. We appreciate your understanding!

When you arrive for pickup, just pull up, text the farm phone (774-307-3315) w/ a message telling us your name and “here" and we will bring your order out to the tent. Please be patient. We will bring out one order at a time. Please retrieve the order once it is on the table.
Jordan Brothers Seafood will be selling several items through White Barn Farm. You will purchase seafood in advance and receive your seafood along with your other online market orders. Order  deadlines for seafood are Sunday 9pm for Tuesday pickup and Tuesday 9pm for Thursday pickup.
Please note - purchasing deadlines for seafood are earlier than the rest of the online market 
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