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Production Manager 


Salary: $30,000 - $36,000 year (depending on experience)

Hours: May - September - up to 50 hrs/wk

            October - December - 40 hrs/wk

            Jan - March - 20hrs/wk

            April - 40hrs/wk

*over the course of the year you will work an average of 40hrs/week (that computes to an approximate $14 - $17/hr wage or an average $577 - $692/week)

*subject to change and negotiation - this is a rough outline


Work Requirements 

*High School education, undergraduate degree desirable

*Drivers License

*Long-term experience working with food in some capacity

*Vegetable production experience, 3 or more years

*Experience working in a market garden production system preferred


Job Description  

          White Barn Farm is seeking a person eager to make the next step in their farming career.  We are a suburban market garden style farm, producing much of what we sell on our 3 acres of growing area.  We primarily sell produce through our roadside farmstand, located on route 1A in Wrentham, MA. Our income is generated mostly through direct sales via our weekly CSA program and retail sales at the farmstand, both to the general public and Farmstand CSA cardholders.  We generate a small income stream from wholesale sales to restaurants in Providence. Our two-day annual plant sale the weekend before Memorial Day also generates a significant amount of income for the farm, particularly at that point in our season. White Barn Farm has two agricultural community events every year, EarthFest and the Harvest Moonshine music festival. We offer “wine & design” workshops through our floral designer and have an opportunity to offer many more educational workshops to a range of demographics. We are interested in working more with the Wrentham Public Schools, both providing the cafeteria with produce and the students with learning opportunities. The potential to offer educational agricultural experiences at our farm is enormous.

          Up to this point, Farmer Chris has run the farm with a staff of mostly skilled people helping in all ways possible. Christy, the farm’s founder, has found her role to be ever-shifting as she has become a mother, a diabetic (and more!). She will be stepping further out of the day-to-day management of the farm and will participate mostly in planning, communicating with our audience, and big ideas for the farm’s future. As the business grows and diversifies, it becomes increasingly difficult for Chris and Christy to manage the many facets of the farm.  For the first time, the White Barn Farm is seeking a Production Manager to take charge of growing the food to provide for our ever-busier farmstand.  

          White Barn Farm is seeking an organized, enthusiastic, dedicated, hard-working, and responsible individual looking to propel White Barn Farm into the next phase of growth. We are looking for someone with bright ideas to incorporate into our already established farming system.  

          Production Manager will be responsible for oversight and training of a crew of 2-4 other farm workers. Crew size will vary depending on the season.  Production Manager will be intimately involved in all aspects of food production from seed to harvest, wash and presentation at the farmstand. Skillful operation of tractors and hand tools is a must.  A desire to produce the highest quality produce and maintain/improve soil health is essential. A natural sense of urgency and awareness of the importance of efficiency is also key.

          Taking on this position may involve blurring the boundaries between work and lifestyle. White Barn Farm doesn’t want to work our employees into the ground, but at certain times of season, we must grind.  It's also important that we keep a clear line of communication open between Owner and Production Manager regarding personal well-being as it relates to the workload. Of course, weekly communication about details of production, ideas for improvement of operations, and the state of the farm crew will be crucial as well.  White Barn Farm aims for the Production Manager to experience both personal and professional growth as a result of taking on this position.  We are seeking someone who wants to start a career in agriculture, ideally at White Barn Farm. We thank you for considering this position.     

Benefits and Perks

*White Barn Produce (up to $20/a week)

*10% off non-White Barn Farm produce and provisions

*Uniform (possibly more than an annual Neptune’s Harvest t-shirt!)

*1 free class at farm

*$400  stipend for continuing education (workshop, adult ed program, etc..)

*5 paid vacation/personal days, 2 sick days (a vacation day or sick day is the equivalent of 8 hours of work)

*subscription to Growing for Market (if desired)

*free tan and daily workout - you’re welcome!!



*Be on time

*Be a leader

*Be a good example of customer service (when you are at the farmstand)

*Manage crew

*Train employees, crew

*Work in the greenhouse during busy times of year and/or as needed

*Work with owners and other managers to promote a professional atmosphere 

*Take detailed notes to help analyze and improve production methods

*Keep our work areas organized and clean

*Work in all elements, wearing the appropriate gear

*Meet with Chris weekly to exchange ideas and check-in about any pressing issues

*Work either Saturday or Sunday  

*Water greenhouse and/or manage irrigation as needed

*Contribute ideas for selling produce

*Participate in offseason work i.e. seeding, cleaning, running pop-up farmstand, organizing, building projects, etc.

*Be open to shifting requirements of position

*Help with office work i.e field maps, production methods, field planting

*Safely and skillfully operate tractors and hand tools

*Participate in harvest, cultivation, seedling propagation, planting, field prep, etc.

*Make sure that your ideas and methods are incorporated into our system for best possible results

To apply, please send a resume, letter of interest and 2-3 references to Chris and Christy Kantlehner at 

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