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Annual Plant Sale 

Buying plant, seeds or soil? Find your items in the Shopping Bag at the bottom of the page

May 21st


Farmer Christy is hoping for our Plant Sale ordering to be up and running on Cinco de Mayo!

 Update: Inventory should be available by the weekend. Stay tuned!

Frost sensitive crops will be available for pre-order as soon as we know our inventory. Keep an eye on your inbox for the start of the sale.

We will be running the Plant Sale just like last year. Ordering online and picking up at an allotted timeframe on the 21st at the Farmstand.

Cold hardy crops are available for in-person sales on an ongoing basis at the Farmstand. 

Our pricing has been adjusted this season. Here's what you can expect to see -

$4 for mini 6-packs,

$6 for large 4-packs and large 6-packs,

$3 for 2"pots (including eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, parsley),

$6 for perennials in 4" pots (mostly herbs and strawberries), and $4 for annuals in 4" pots.

We will also have High Mowing Seeds available for $3.25/packet,

Black Earth Compost for $12.95 plus tax,

Vermont Compost Perennial Blend (20 qt) for $19.95 plus tax,

Vermont Compost Fort Vee (20qt) for $24.95 plus tax.

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