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Job Opportunity at White Barn Farm in Wrentham, MA


Position Title: Greenhouse Assistant/High Tunnel Manager 


Schedule: up to 40 hours/week.  Depending on the time of season, our start time will vary between 7am and 8am.  Your schedule will be roughly 8 hours/day, 5 days a week.  We are willing to work with the right candidate(s) if interested in a reduced schedule. This position begins March 1st and goes through December 31st. Hours are likely to be reduced to about 24 hrs/week in March, November and December.  For every 8 hour shift you receive ½hour paid lunch break. 


Responsibilities:  Assist the Greenhouse Manager in all aspects of transplant production and growing crops inside our unheated high tunnels. March-May will be very heavy on the greenhouse work, growing our main crop of transplants and doing our mid-May plant sale. This work involves filling flats, seeding either by hand or using a vacuum seeder, potting up seedlings, labeling for the plant sale, watering, feeding with fish fertilizer, and moving plants and flats around. June-October will involve more pruning, trellising, and harvesting as well as keeping records, monitoring for pests and disease, and managing irrigation inside the high tunnels. November-December will bring wreath decorating and workshops, garlic planting, tulip planting, as well as dahlia digging and dividing.


Compensation starting at $16/hour 


Benefits and Perks

*$1/hr worked added to a gift card for you to use at White Barn Farmstand. 10% employee discount once funds on your card are used up

* one WBF t-shirt, then 30% discount on all other WBF swag

*paid vacation/personal time accrues at 1 hr/30 hrs worked and can be used after 90 days from your start date

Experience preferred, but not absolutely necessary 


There is opportunity for growth within the business for a successful candidate.


Specific Requirements

-long attention span, ability to execute tedious tasks for a sustained period

-meticulous attention to detail and ability to neatly and accurately keep records

-dedication to working in the most effective, efficient, and ergonomic manner possible

-willingness to manage a small crew to assist you when the need arises

-willingness to engage with the public, possibly hosting workshops or educational tours

Interview process:  Hiring process includes a working interview 

Application Process: Please email to

  • a Letter of Intent

  • your Resume

  • Contact Info for Two References 


Our Farm:

White Barn Farm is a family farm in Wrentham, MA that strives to provide its community with fresh produce, flowers and farm products grown using organic methods.  

We are an energized, fun-loving team that strives to achieve efficiency and productivity with enthusiasm and a sense of humor.  We appreciate hard work, a commitment to excellence and the drive to constantly improve.  Although this is not officially an apprenticeship, there are often opportunities to work alongside the farmers.  We offer a wide diversity of tasks that allow our crew to develop and broaden their skill-set.  


• Can lift 50lbs repeatedly, using proper body mechanics

• Has a valid drivers license

• Ability to complete repetitive tasks for a long period of time in all kinds of weather

• Flexibility -  able to shift gears and adapt to variable tasks

• Takes pride in and thrives on efficiency and productivity

• Takes instruction and correction well and is able to ask questions

• Fast learner - Ability to quickly pick up new techniques

• Is punctual and prepared (water bottle, proper attire, footwear, sunblock)

• Works well alone or with a group

• Has a spirit of dedication/enthusiasm

• Communicates well

*No extra charge for the suntan and the workout.

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