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CSA March Madness!

CSA March Madness.jpg

We have something new and exciting to kick off the month of March over here at White Barn Farm… are you ready for it???

It’s March Madness! Each week of March, we will be holding a raffle for our new shareholders! Here’s how it is going to work:

Every week, we will be keeping a list of names of those who purchase a share for the farm stand this year, entering those names into a hat, and pulling a winner on Sunday!!!

Depending on the share purchased, each participant will receive a different amount of raffle entries. If you buy a Spring Share of any kind, you will receive 1 raffle entry for the week. For all Summer Shares, you will receive 4 raffle entries. For the Fall Shares, you will receive 2 entries, and for the Flower Share you will receive 1 entry. If you purchase all of these shares, you’ll be entered 10 times into the raffle.

All you have to do is purchase a share, which will automatically enter you into the raffle for the week! These raffles will take place each week, and we will use cumulative entries so that if you don’t win one week, you still have a chance to win something later in the month! Each winner will get some White Barn Farm swag to enjoy with your share! Support your local community and White Barn Farm by purchasing a share today!!! 3…2…1… GO!

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