• Priced to save you over 20% off each week. 
  • Start the Summer Bread Share next week. Priced through October 23rd.
  • Because of limitations due to the current public health crisis, we will be distributing the Summer Bread Share 2020 and all other Summer Shares on two days only.
  • You may choose to pick up your share on Wednesdays or Fridays from the Farmstand on Rt 1A in Wrentham, MA. If you have already signed up for a vegatable CSA share, we recommend you choose the same day for your bread share. 
  • Distribution details may change due to changing conditions in our state.
  • Price is prorated for the number of weeks left in the share.


Sorry no Farmstand CSA cards will be accepted for Share Add Ons

Summer Bread Share 2020

Pick Up Day
    • Each week you will be presented with bread from local institution Iggy's Bread of the World.
    • Examples include: French Rolls, 7 Grain Sliced Bread, Baguettes, Bagels.
    • Expect to try an assortment of different loaves over the course of the Summer!
    • We will not be able to accomodate any substitutions.
    • This share depends on products from an outside organization. Details may change if their product availablity changes.


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