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Bizalion's is an importer of olive oil working out of Great Barrington, MA. They import from countries bordering the Mediterranean. These olive oils are celebrated for their fine flavor and are carefully sourced by Jean-François and Helen Bizalion. They visit farms directly and imports to Massachusetts where he bottles the oils.

Olive Oil - Bizalion's

Place of Origin
  • Albages, Catalunya, Spain

    Family owned and operated, this arbequina single cultivar is the staple of a discerning professional cook that looks for a luminous olive oil that can be put to work to roast, grill, marinate and dress. From potatoes to leafy greens this is the olive oil you can't operate without.


    Sicily, Italy

    Grown on volcanic soils of the Etna along side of citrus trees, this light and fruity oil is the ideal match to bitter greens like arugula and frisee. It matches seafood equally well adding clarity and lightness when paired. 


    Alentejo, Portugal

    Delicate, floral and peppery, this oil works well as a finishing touch on grilled red meat, vegetable soups and legumes. It captures a taste of the scrubby landscape and goes well with bread!


    Provence, France

    Perfectly balanced, this is the ultimate enhancer of all plates and dishes. With lemon, salt and spices this is your salad dressing. Bread and a pool of this oil is a complete course. A swirl on cold soup is a eureka moment. Jacqued Pepin swears it is the best olive oil in the world.