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Fall Share 2022: Week 11

December 14 & 16

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Hello Everyone!

Week 11!! That snuck up on me! That means we only have this week and next week's double share left in the Fall Share. Have you signed up yet for the Winter Share? We will also have the add on shares: Bread, Cheese, Eggs, and Mushrooms. The Winter Share runs from January 4 - March 31.

If you are still in the market for a Christmas tree, we still have some beautiful ones left. Come on down anytime this week and pick one out! While you are at it, wreaths make a great hostess gift. We have many styles that will take you through the winter!

CSA Member Special this week:

10% All Nut Butters! Choose between Smooth Peanut, Crunchy Peanut and Almond!!

In this Week's Share:

Your choice of a bag of: Bok Choy, Spinach or Lettuce Mix

1 bunch of Kale

1 bunch of Popping Corn

Mix and Match 2lbs of: Parsnips, Celery Root, Turnips or Rutabaga

2lbs of mixed Sweet Potatoes

1lbs Beets

Pick up is Wednesday or Friday, 12 - 6

Detailed pick up instructions can be found at the bottom of this post.

Recipe Ideas: 21 Sweet Beet Recipes - I'm especially intrigued by the Beet Nut Butter Cups!

  • Reminder: Add-on shares: bread, eggs, cheese, mushrooms and meat are paid for separately from the veggies share. If you would like to be part of our add on shares, please sign up and pay using the QR codes at the farmstand or HERE.

Add Ons: Add on Shares are still available online for purchase. Or purchase at the Farmstand with the posted QR Codes.

Share Add-ons!

Bread: 6 Bagels - Iggy's Bread of the World

Cheese: Crescendo - their version of Stracchino di Crescenza. The Northern Italian recipe yields authentic tangy flavor with soft creamy texture. Made in small batches by hand in limited quantities. Blue ribbon winner! Narragansett Creamery

Eggs: 1 dozen Eggs

Meat: 2 packs (approx 1lb/each) Sausage from Maple Ridge Meats. Varieties include Harissa and Sage and Spice.

Mushrooms: quart of Lion's Mane Mushrooms - Mushroom Recipes! Our mushrooms are from RI Mushroom Co.

*All Add-Ons are subject to producer availability

And the Farmstand is Open for any edible additions to your share, plus we have plants, potting soil, and/or compost for your gardens!

Farmstand Hours: Tues - Sat 9am-6pm

Starting this week Sun 9am-4pm

A few reminders about the Fall Share... This share goes through the end of the calendar year which means it covers both Thanksgiving and Christmas. How do we deal with those big holidays? We've got you covered, the week before the holiday, you will receive a double share! Here's how that works out:

Week 11: Dec 14 and 16: Regular share

Week 12 & 13: Dec 21 and 23: Double Share

Dec 28 and 30: No share distributed


Pick up Procedures for the Fall Share

  • Pick up on your scheduled day any time Wednesday/Friday 12 - 6

  • Pick up will be in the tent located across from 458 South St, Wrentham.

  • Facing the tent from the parking lot, the Share area is on the far right.

  • Your items will be self serve so you can choose between options.

  • Please bring bags and boxes for your items to help us conserve.

  • We will have a clip board listing the items and the choices in the share.

  • Please check your name off the list when you pick up.

  • Add on share items will be located in designated coolers or fridges.


After two years of navigating this public health crisis, we are confident that we can minimize risk to our customers and staff. However, all of our plans are fluid. We may have to change this plan if we feel it is not keeping people safe. 

Pick up is Wednesday/Friday from 12 - 6

Thank you so much for support!


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