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Greenhouse Worker - part time

Job Type

Part Time

Job Description

Just the job you have been waiting for.

Put your physical body to work, and provide yourself a purpose by particpating in the entirety of an organic food growing system.

White Barn Farm is located smack dab in the suburbs of Eastern MA. It is a small scale, high intensive market garden. We provide our retail Farmstand, CSA, and local restuarants with an abundace of organically grown food all year long.

Looking to join the team here at White Barn Farm?

Check out this job description to seek your inner farmer.

Typical day (working with mother nature is not perfect, but we try our best to provide you with the best possible way to complete your daily tasks) -

Come prepared to work with outdoor work gear and get your hands dirty, with proper footwear, sun protection, rain gear, fully fed and hydrated.

Typical schedule:

Arrive at work at 8am

  • Farm and personal check-in with Greenhouse Manager Allison

  • Daily task list will be distributed

  • May will be very heavy on the greenhouse work, growing our main crop of transplants and doing our mid-May plant sale.

  • Filling flats

  • Seeding either by hand or using a vacuum seeder

  • Potting up seedlings

  • Labeling for the Plant Sale

  • Watering

  • Feeding with fish fertilizer

  • Moving plants and flats around.

  • Pushing ourselves to provide our customers with hearty, beautiful plants for the Plant Sale and providing our fields with the plants needed for to supply our farmstand with freshly harvested vegetables. The faster and harder we work the more fun we have!!!!

  • Around 12ish we stop for lunch. As much of the crew as possible stops for laughs, personal check-ins, smiles and all around good ol' morale boosting in the shade. Topics that may be discussed - food, tv, hiking, backpacking, biking, music, food, cooking, favorite places to eat, art, culture, travel, environmental issues, comedy specials, books and food. Take this time to relax, rest, and recharge. BRING a lunch.

  • AFTER lunch tasks:

  • If you've accomplished all of your tasks for the day before lunch, Allison will have a list for you of everything else that should be done for the day.

  • 4pm-ish quitting time. Leave with a sun tan, some extra muscles you may not have known existed, and a smile on your face with all that your team accomplished. A good day of work, feeling satisfied and ready to conquer the next day!!!


WORK DAYS - 2 to 4 days a week

8 hour days

start date: ASAP

end date: early June

(AFTER these dates, part time hours may be availble for the right worker, and the amount of work that has to be done based on the season)

This is an extremely small crew and you will be working with highly experienced people on this farm. We have a very gender diverse farm crew with people who are super committed to their job and their craft. You will also be working directly with the owner of White Barn Farm, whose agricultural experience spans beyond 20 years.

If you are a hard working, intelligent, committed, strong, passionate, positive worker, this can be a wonderful place to learn about yourself and small scale suburban agriculture.

  • we work through elements - ALL of them.

  • we will sweat

  • we will get wet

  • we will get tired

  • we will be pushed

  • we will be rewarded

By the end of your season working at White Barn Farm, you will have gained a deep knowledge of how to grow food, work with others, and provide your community with something extremely tangible. You will truly have particpated in LIFE.

Compensation starting at $15/hour based on experience and demonstrated ability.

Benefits and Perks

*$1/hr worked added to a gift card for you to use at White Barn Farmstand. 10% employee discount once funds on your card are used up

*one WBF t-shirt, then 30% discount on all other WBF swag

*paid sick time accrues at 1 hr/30 hrs worked, up tp a maximum of 40 hours, and can be used after 90 days from your start date.

*paid vacation time accrues at 8 hours for every 140 hours worked, up to a maximum of 80 hours, and can be used after 90 days from your start date.

Experience preferred, but not absolutely necessary 

There is opportunity for growth within the business for a successful candidate.

Specific Requirements

-long attention span, ability to execute tedious tasks for a sustained period

-meticulous attention to detail and ability to neatly and accurately keep records

-dedication to working in the most effective, efficient, and ergonomic manner possible

Interview process:  Hiring process includes a working interview 

Application Process: Please email to and

  • a Letter of Intent

  • your Resume

  • Contact Info for Two References 


• Can lift 50lbs repeatedly, using proper body mechanics

• Has a valid drivers license

• Ability to complete repetitive tasks for a long period of time in all kinds of weather

• Flexibility -  able to shift gears and adapt to variable tasks

• Takes pride in and thrives on efficiency and productivity

• Takes instruction and correction well and is able to ask questions

• Fast learner - Ability to quickly pick up new techniques

• Is punctual and prepared (water bottle, proper attire, footwear, sunblock)

• Works well alone or with a group

• Has a spirit of dedication/enthusiasm

• Communicates well

*No extra charge for the suntan and the workout.

About the Company

White Barn Farm is a family farm in Wrentham, MA that strives to provide its community with fresh produce, flowers and farm products grown using organic methods.  We are an energized, fun-loving team that strives to achieve efficiency and productivity with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. We appreciate hard work, a commitment to excellence and the drive to constantly improve.  We offer a wide diversity of tasks that allow crew members to develop and broaden their skill-set.  

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