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Warm Potato Salad with Snap Peas and Bacon

Here is the potato salad recipe I discovered last year: boil whole, clean, new potatoes in salted water. Meanwhile, snap and unzip the sugarsnap peas and slice them in half. Put them in a colander strainer of some sort (preferably all metal and with a handle). Chop up some scallion greens and parsley and juice a lemon. get out some mayo and some leftover cooked bacon if you have some from breakfast. when the taters are fork tender, fork them into your serving bowl, use a fork and knife to cut them into quarters or whatever size you like. Now you can blanch your prepped peas - submerge them in the boiling potato water until bright green. lift them out and throw them into the potato bowl, add the parsley, scallions, bacon bits, salt and pepper. add a few good dollops of mayo. i'm sorry purists - I used Hellman's, but homemade mayo is top notch.  mix it up, add the lemon juice. taste for salt and pepper and serve right away. yummy warm potato salad.

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