CSA Card Details


Farmstand CSA Card

 *Farmstand CSA Cards  can be purchased at different levels, and we will add 10% value to all cards paid for by April 1st (after that, 5% is added). The minimum amount is $200.

Suggested price points:

$200 (your card will be issued for $220)

$300 (your card will be issued for $330) 

$400 (your card will be issued for $440)

$600 (your card will be issued for $660)

  • As long as you write a check for an amount $200 or greater, we will put that amount plus an additional % onto your card (10% by April 1st, or 5% after).
  • Place your order online for Farmstand CSA Cards and pay online with and additional 3% online processing fee or send us a check for the amount you're purchasing the card for. Make sure that we have your name, email address, and phone number so we can reference your card. That way we can look you up if you ever forget your card. Please include your mailing address so we can send you your card once we receive and process your payment.  
  • If you have a card from the previous year, just keep it, mail us a check (or pay through Paypal), when you place an order online telling us you still have the card in the "notes" section at checkout. We can look it up and reload the card remotely - we don't need the physical card in our presence. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

 Farmstand CSA FAQ's: 

What can I buy with my card?

  • You have complete choice and flexibility: you get the veggies you love when you want them. You can purchase anything at the farmstand (including bread, honey, eggs, etc.). 
  • The exceptions are: Your card may not be used for seafood from the seafood truck and your  card cannot be used for plants the weekend of the Plant Sale

Can I pay with a Credit Card?

  • Yes, we now accept online payments through PayPal with an additional 3% processing fee to help offset the fees we are charged.
  • When paying with cash or check, please disregard the online processing fee.
  • Make checks payable to: White Barn Farm
  • If the name you signed up under doesn't match the name printed on the check, please write the "sign up name" in the memo section.
  • Mail to: P.O. Box 207, Wrentham, MA 02093

What's in it for me?

  • You are in effect getting a 10% return on your investment, which is hard to find nowadays.
  • The Farmstand CSA Card is a good choice for anyone who is passionate about supporting his/her local farm and eating vibrant veggies produced by organic methods - BUT - feels the CSA share program may be too much for their household, would miss a few pick-ups every summer, or lives in a household of picky eaters. 

What if I don't spend all the money on my card by the end of the season?

  • We do intend for you to spend your card during the growing/financial season in which it was purchased. We expect the farmstand to be open from early May to late December, about 34 weeks. (If you spend $10/week, loading a card with $300 is probably a good idea.)
  • Although we'd rather you bring your balance to $0 by December 31st, any remaining value will stay on your card, so there is no risk of losing your investment. Even if Wall Street goes bust! :)

Wait! It is after April 1st and I am just getting hip to this amazing deal! What now?

  • Even if you purchase a Farmstand CSA share after April 1st, we will still give you 5% added value (rather than 10%)

What if I spend all the money on my card before the season is over?

  • Reload your card with a minimum of $200 between April 1 and December 31, and we will add 5%.  
  • Keep your card to reload for the next growing season (the 10% added value begins again every January 1st).  

What if I lose my card or forget to bring it with me to the farmstand?

  • We can look your card up using your name and phone number right at the farmstand. We can duplicate your card to replace a completely lost one.

What is my card's balance?

  • Check your card's balance anytime on our website. There is a link under the CSA menu of our website or just click here