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Twelfth Share

Posted 8/18/2011 9:09pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello everyone! I apologize for not sending an email last week. I just couldn't quite make it happen. We have been very busy trying to get all of our onion crop out of the field and properly drying in the greenhouse. The downpours have made that slightly stressful. And the weeds are just bonkers. I get some satisfaction from flail mowing them, but I know that thousands of viable weed-seeds are intact and falling onto the earth. We have moved the chickens over a mowed weed hideout. They are scratching and eating the seeds and doing a great job. Today I collected three tiny eggs from the chicken coop!! The first eggs! What a hoot! I did feel dreadful when the hens came in, beaks agape, wondering where their eggs had gone and searched around the coop to see if they had moved. I tried to explain that I am going to take them, but the beaks stayed agape.
Thank you for all being part of our CSA! We hope you are enjoying the food! Apologies if the energy level on the email is down. I encourage you to browse and search by ingredient on our recipe section of the website. We'll keep doing our best!

1 Bunch of White Beets with tops. Just another type of beet for you to try. The tops are on, too, if you are beginning to crave cooked greens again.

1 pint of Juliet Tomatoes. These are a nice small plum tomato that have a truly tomato-y flavor, rather than  all sweetness, like a cherry tomato. This makes them wonderful for cooking or drying or roasting, although many people report they are great diced into a salad. I think they’d do great diced for a fresh salsa, as well.

4 slicing tomatoes. It's nice to have a few slicers around to put in a sandwich, a BLT, on a bagel with cream cheese, etc.

1 Zucchini. These should be familiar by now. If this week’s selection is large for your taste, consider shredding it for fritters or baking in a bread or muffins. 2 Summer Squash

1 Patty Pan Squash. These are the scalloped little summer squash. They are slightly firmer than regular summer squash, “meatier” you might say, and quite delicious. They can be prepared just like summer squash and zucchini. Just slice or dice or cut into big chunks.  Then marinate and grill, roast, sautee, or stir-fry.

3 Asian Eggplant. Chris sautéed onions, carrots, green peppers, and slices of asian eggplant then made a wonderful yellow curry with coconut milk. Any sort of stir-fry is another great way to use the Asian eggplant. You can also roast it right alongside the Italian eggplants.

2 Italian Eggplants: Rosa Bianca and/or Beatrice (lavender skinned). You can make fried eggplant and freeze the slices to make eggplant parm with during the winter. I found that just dicing and roasting on a baking sheet made the vegetables disappear instantly. You could also do some baba ghanouj, eggplant rollatini, grilled eggplant, you name it.

3 Slicing Cucumbers. I made a delicious dip the other day just smashing and finely dicing a big clove of garlic, salting it and squeezing lemon juice on it, then shredding a peeled cucumber and throwing that in, mixing with sour cream and/or yogurt then finishing with fresh chopped herbs - dill or basil or mint or parsley or any combo. It was great on tortilla chips or with slices of peppers or carrot sticks. If you end up making baba ghanouj or if you have hummus around, try dipping spears of cucumber for a crunchy, refreshing alternative to chips or bready stuff.

2 Lbs Yellow Onions. the key to every dish.

2 Heads Lettuce. Finally! the lettuce is back! Weather favorable for lettuce growth and germination is back, too. Enjoy those cool nights, crunchy lettuce. And curse those darn turkeys raising their fourteen teenage turkeys for eating all of the Romaine!

2 Jimmy Nardello Sweet Peppers. These long sweet peppers look kind of like a fat cayenne pepper, but they are actually one of the sweetest peppers around. They will continue to ripen to red if you leave them out on the counter.

1 Yummy Sweet Pepper. This point little orange pepper may remind you of a habanero pepper, but it is actually a little sweet pepper. Very tasty, as its name suggests.

2 Green Peppers. still coming. from now on we hope to be providing you with ripened sweet peppers. They do a great job in curry, I'll say. 

Handful of Tomatillos. These papery husked green-tomato-looking vegetables make a wonderful green salsa. You can either do a chip-dipping sort of salsa or a sauce for enchiladas or just grilled chicken or fish. Either way I would cook the tomatillos to bring out their rich flavor. You remove the papery husk, rinse them, and then slice or dice or halve and either roast until softened and just tinging brown or throw in the sautee pan. Tomatillos always like to be with onions, garlic, and jalapenos. A fresh salsa is nicely finished with fresh cilantro. If I'm making a sauce I like to richen the sauce with chicken broth (or veggie) and use the hand blender to smooth it out a bit.

Hope that helps you navigate this week's share.
thank you!
christy and chris, white barn farmers