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The Final Farmstand! Stock Up! and Stuff those Stockings!

Posted 12/18/2014 9:30am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Ahoy, Mateys!!!

We are in the Home Stretch of the 2014 Growing Season. We've got a terrific stockpile of storage crops and even some freshly harvested greens that have been growing ever so slowly since October! 

White Barn Farm Goods:

Available in Bulk as noted (email an order ahead, if you like)

Red, Green, and Savoy Cabbages (Bushel Box of Green Cabbage $30)


Beets (half-bushel box $30)

Rutabaga & Gilfeather Turnips (half-bushel boxes $20)

Daikon Radish (5lb for $5)

Baby Parsnips (10lb for $15)

a wee sampling of Celery Root & Shallots

Mass Quantities of Butternut Squash and Carnival Squash (Bushel Box $30)

Plus, While Supplies Last! Freshly Harvested Greens:

Baby Arugula & Mizuna, Baby Kale & Chard, Baby Spinach, & Asian Greens Mix


From Vanguarden CSA in Dover (organic methods, too):

Carrots - big hardy storage carrots. so tasty!

Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

Radicchio & Sugarloaf, a white Radicchio also known as ZuckerHat (this time of year's best substitute for lettuce)

Red & Yellow Onions

Harms Family Farm Maple Syrup (Brookfield, MA). Grade A if you like a lighter syrup, Grade B if you like a darker, richer syrup. $12/pint. Lasts Longer and Tastes Sweeter than a $12 bottle of wine :)

Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans. Phil even packaged some of the more popular varieties in 1 lb Bags to help tide you over a little longer. When our farmstand is closed, you can still find his coffee at Wampum Corner Wines & Liquors (where you should go if you still want that bottle of wine). If you're locked into the k-cup format, you can find Phil's recyclable "cow cups" at One Cup on 115 in Norfolk. You can also find Sheldonville Roasters at Lawton's Family Farm (a local source of raw milk, by appointment) in Foxboro and at the Farmer's Markets they attend as Foxboro Cheese. On Saturday, we will have fresh-brewed coffee available. Bring your to-go cup, if you like!

Franklin Honey! We just got a new delivery of One and Two Pound Jars of their delicious local, raw honey. They have four beehives right here at our farm! We've also got a small sampling of those heavenly beeswax based soaps that Beekeeper Lauren makes.

Iggy's Bread. Plus Croissants & Sticky Buns on Saturday!

Cranberry Hill Organic Cranberries

Last Minute Gift Ideas, too:

Fairshare CSA Coalition's Cookbooks, From Asparagus to Zucchini and Farm Fresh and Fast

White Barn Farm Pint Glasses. $6 each or 2 for $10. Add a six-pack or a deluxe bomber and you have quite a composed gift for your favorite beer lover. Hot-tip: keep them in the freezer to enjoy a frosty mug experience at home. We actually have a couple of those sweet handcrafted bottle openers from local blacksmith, Brian Huckins, at Huckins Forge if you want to make a really composed gift. We are offering complimentary High Mowing Organic Seed Packets*  to stuff the glasses with if you are shopping for a gardener. You could even tuck a gift card to be used at our annual Plant Sale in there! *Packed for 2014 - but varieties whose continued viability I feel confident in.

Gift Cards. For any amount over $10!

Farmstand Hours:
Friday 12pm to 6pm & Saturday 10am to 2pm
Jordan Brothers Seafood Truck:
Friday 2pm to 6pm & Saturday 10am to 1pm
Looking Forward to Seeing all your Happy Faces! Thank you so much for your dedication and all the words of encouragement throughout the season. We are proud to offer good, clean food to our neighbors. And it's extra nice that you are all such kind people! I've said it before and I'll say it again: we have the best customers around!
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
Thank you and See you soon!
Christy, Chris, and Graham Kantlehner at White Barn Farm
p.s. to the woman who came in with her son and purchased a $40 gift card for a pilates/yoga? teacher last Saturday afternoon - I am haunted with fear that I did not put the value on the gift card. If you can call me with the card number I can add it (or have your gift recipient call me. 774-210-0359). How embarassing. so sorry about that.