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Thanksgiving Sale Weekend!

Posted 11/19/2015 10:22am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Time to celebrate how thankful we are. For every day. Time to share a meal with people we love, people we are so grateful to have in our lives.

Saturday is the last time the farmstand is open before Thanksgiving so come in and get yer vittles!

Farmstand in the Barn:
Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm
In honor of the annual Thanksgiving Sale we are going to jazz it up with a few extra vendors on Saturday:
  • Franklin Honey - selling their honey and bee based lip balm, hand cream, candles, and wonderful soaps
  • Hyphen Designs - handmade, upcycled creations from the extremely talented artist, Kelsey London
  • Benjamin Gragen art pieces
  • Farmer Sam's pea shoots and sunflower sprouts - full of flavor and vitality
  • Al Freshco tomato sauce, made with White Barn Farm tomatoes. Those of you who preordered last week can pick up your order. We will have extra to offer to those of you who didn't. Friday and Saturday.
  • Harms Family Farm Massachusetts Maple Syrup to sweeten the deal
  • Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans will be for sale (no brewed coffee this Saturday, though). Just handling the bag of beans is a wonderful coffee experience.
  • Seafood from Jordan Brothers - Friday 2pm to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm
  • Fresh Rosemary from Wrentham's organic gardener extraordinaire, Marj Immonen
  • Organic Cranberries from Fresh Meadows Farm in Carver, MA. It was a tough season for the few Massachusetts organic cranberry growers, but we thankfully found these oh-so-lovingly sorted perfect rubies for you to enjoy!

White Barn Farm's Veggie Lineup is looking strong!

Lots of Celery Root. Have you tried making half celery root, half potato puree? Boil them together in salted water, making the celeriac cubes slightly smaller than the potatoes. Drain with the cover atop, slightly askew to allow excess moisture to escape as steam, then mash with butter and cream or olive oil and herbs. Season to taste with salt and pepper. This will be the tastiest batch of "mashed potatoes" you've ever made!

Loads of Leeks. I love using Leeks, Carrots, and slabs of Celery Root as the "rack" for roasting a turkey. The local farm raised birds we usually buy are always enormous and certainly don't fit in any roasting pan rack set-up. To keep the bird off the bottom of the pan just use pieces of veg - It will add aroma to the bird and flavor to the drippings, too.

Fresh Sage. If you haven't yet discovered the partnership between Butternut Squash and Sage, get ready for a delicious bite. Often butter is heated until it becomes brown butter - just slightly brown and nutty smelling. Fresh sage leaves are sizzled into that then served with cubes of roasted butternut, a pasta featuring butternut squash, even a quesadilla filling.

Put the last three together with butter, stock, and bread cubes to make Martha Stewart's fabulous Leek-Celery Root Stuffing

Brussels Sprouts Here they are! I recommend opening up the sprout in some way - slicing in half or into tiny cabbage rounds so that you can get some crispness and caramelization to develop their sweetness. Roasting with olive oil, s&p, on a baking sheet, flipping once halfway through cooking, is a great way to get this done for a crowd. Taking the brussels off the stalk is a great activity to do with the family - or anyone who asks if they can help with anything!

The mild fall has allowed us to have an option to serve a crisp salad and leafy greens aside all the traditional root veggies. We have lettuce, radicchio, bok choy, kale, arugula, spinach, mustard mix, and probably more in the way of super greens! Cabbage - red and green. A leftover turkey sandwich with some crunchy slaw is just what the doctor ordered. And ribbons of red cabbage are delicious in a salad mix.

salad greens

For more raw crunch to balance it all out - try Kohlrabi, Watermelon Radish, Purple or White Daikon Radishes. All great choices to shred onto a salad.

We also have plenty of Butternut Squash, plus other winter squash and pie pumpkin delights. Beets - an excellent choice for roasting and serving with salad greens. Onions, Shallots, and Garlic - obvious staples. Gilfeather Turnips are great to add to a roasted root medley.

roasted parsnips and carrots

Cook's Valley Farm Apples will be available again - Golden Delicious, Macoun, and McIntosh (IPM)

The local organic farming network is filling in the gaps.  Vanguarden CSA in Dover with great big Bolero Carrots - perfect for cooking. Sweet Parsnips, too. and you cannot have Thanksgiving without Sweet Potatoes - marshmallows or not. Langwater Farm in Easton is providing their certified organic Potatoes. Neighborhood Farm in Needham traded us a case of their Rutabaga for a case of our celery root.

Finally, an earthy touch from RI Mushroom Co. - gourmet Mushrooms and good old Crimini. Locally grown and fresh as can be.

Surely I am forgetting something, so come by and see! Stock up, tell your friends, and have a wonderful holiday!

We are so thankful for our customers. Looking forward to a great weekend!

Christy and Chris at White Barn Farm

p.s. Our Holiday Market at the Plainville bookstore, An Unlikely Story, is a go! Saturday, December 12, 10am to 2pm. More details to come . . .