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Share Eleven

Posted 8/7/2013 11:05am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello CSA!!!

This week in your share you received:

2 Heads of Lettuce

1 pint of cherry tomatoes. yum. snack em. or slice in half with a serrated knife and put on a green salad or with diced, peeled cukes, feta, herbs (like mint, basil, or parsley), s&p, oil & vinegar.

2 lbs of onions. These won't last forever - we cut the tops before they were completely cured. But we expect you to be able to use these for the next couple of weeks. They will store fine in a basket at room temperature.

1 lb of green peppers. These are sweet peppers. There are two very small hot peppers in your share (one is a jalapeno and the other is a Hungarian hot Wax pepper). All of the large peppers are sweet, not hot, even the big pointy green ones. Peppers and onions are a classsic combo for pizza topping, accompanying grilled sausage, as a base to a stir fry, or rice and beans. Veggie burritos are a great easy meal at this time of year. Just cook some rice, open a can of beans, and sautee some veggies. Shred some cheese. finish with fresh herbs (sorry you probably have to buy cilantro for now), sour cream, and hot sauce. pow. done. especially recommended for growing boys.

2 Hot peppers (mentioned above). Use for fresh salsa or if you want a spicy veggie mix for your burritos. Or throw some spicy rings on top of a tray of nachos. yum. discard the seeds if you want less heat. and for goodness sakes do not touch your eyes or sensitive parts without washing your hands after you've handled hot pepper seeds.

2 lbs of slicing tomatoes. you can transform these beauties into BLTs, Lettuce and mayo sandwiches, fresh hand cut salsa, caprese salad, eggplant tomato stacks. whatever you decide!

2 lbs of cucumbers. Now you may have to start getting creative with your cucumbers. Chris and I stayed up late making pickles last night. The whole process began in the afternoon with our babysitter Caroline, Grammie, and my cousin Max beginning the slicing party. Even Caroline's mom, a longtime CSA member picking up her share, got into the act for a little bit. We cover the sliced cukes w/ kosher salt and ice cubes and wait for them to melt. After the ice melted, the farmstand was closed, Graham was asleep, and we had finished our BBQ sandwiches from the Commonwealth BBQ on Wampum Corner, the pickling process began: Making the pickling liquid, washing all the mason jars, tracking down all the lids and bands, getting the water bath canning pot out and heated up, etc. Chris packed the jars and I ladled the hot liquid on top. We were able to finish 36 quarts before Graham woke up and would not go back to sleep, we ran out of pickling liquid, and our eyes were puffed shut with weariness. I will have to do at least one more batch this evening. Anyway, now that I've made the pickling process sound so fun and easy I will share a completely different recipe: Cold Cucumber Soup. Some other recipes from our Recipe Page when you type "cucumber" into the search recipes box are: Cucumber Gazpacho (Trader Joe's is a pretty great source of organic avocados), Chilly Dilly Cucumbers, and Shaved Cucumber Salad  (feel free to use this as a recipe for a slicing method of cukes and then improvise the rest).

2 Eggplants. This could be a perfect week to try Eggplant-Tomato Stacks. Grilled eggplant is delicious. Eggplant can certainly be used in a stir fry or a sautee of fresh veggies to go into those veggie burritos i was talking about.

Hope you have a great week!!

Thanks as always!

Christy, Chris, Graham, and the White Barn team :)