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Share Eight!

Posted 7/19/2013 9:51am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

It is a heat wave. This is crazy. It is extreme and our amazing crew has been keeping up a really good attitude and even sharing their swimming pools with us after work! Yesterday we harvested all of our garlic and got it into the greenhouse to cure (dry). It was a major group effort. We have two volunteers that come every Thursday from the Providence restaurant, North, that we sell produce to. The chef there wants all of his employees to have experience growing food. So G and Andrew have been weeding like madmen every week until finally this week all hands on deck were pulling garlic and then arranging it in the greenhouse. My husband Chris has an unstoppable attitude and makes the work fun and efficient. We had our solar powered radio blasting bluegrass and all of us sweating hard and getting the project done. We would fill one tractor bucket with garlic plants and send it to the greenhouse to be unloaded and arranged so that they will dry but the tops layered over the bulbs so they would not sunscorch. Meanwhile, a second tractor bucket would be being filled in the field. And switch! Good times!

Needless to say, I missed sending the CSA email this week. I have been inundated with cutting and arranging flowers, doing deliveries in Providence, the garlic harvest, and taking care of Baby Graham after the babysitter leaves. The share was pretty straightforward this week. Maybe a little smaller in volume than usual, but full of things that are easy to use and super tasty:

Fresh Onions. This variety is called Ailsa Craig. Since they are harvested fresh they are sweeter than others. They are great for grilling like the other fresh onions, excellent in your quick pickles, or at the beginning of any sautee. Feel free to fine chop them for a hot dog condiment or sliver to top a pizza. 

2 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes. golden fleshed freshly dug taters.

Carrots. enjoy the crunch of a fresh, raw carrot.

2 Zucchini and 1 Summer Squash. versatile and tasty.

Basil. Make a pesto and you can freeze it in small blocks to pull out anytime. Tomatoes will be coming . . . 

3 Pickling Cucumbers and 1 Slicing Cucumber. taste and compare. like I mentioned last week, you may decide to peel the picklers. slice or dice and munch on these refreshing vegetables.

Purple Cabbage. What a gorgeous color. Thinly sliced red cabbage can easily be added to a green salad. Sorry no lettuce this week - a gap in the plantings! Check out this recipe for Sweet And Sour Red Cabbage.

Thank you for bearing with us! We hear the heat wave should subside after a wild thunderstorm Saturday afternoon. sounds great!