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Pop-Up Market THIS SATURDAY 3/19 10am-2pm

Posted 3/16/2016 3:46pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
In our usual last-minute fashion . . .
Spontaneous Farmstand: This Saturday. 3/19. 10am to 2pm
Come on Down!
potting soil, vegetables, seafood, honey, syrup, eggs, CSA signups
- on 1A in Wrentham, where our summer farmstand tent usually is - 
458 South St. Wrentham, MA 02093
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We have organic, compost-based potting soil ($15 for 22Qt bag) from McEnroe Organic Compost. I remember how hard it was back in my gardening days to locate worthy potting soil. This pop-up market is for you!
*We also have bagged organic compost ($10 for a 40lb bag) if you want to mix a shovelful of black gold into your planting holes for any planting you may be up to - or - if you are just ready to prepare your garden for the season ahead. (Believe it or not it is actually still technically Winter!)
in case you are the type that likes more instant gratification than compost and potting soil to grow your own food with - we also have some edible products for sale this Saturday . . .
  • Spinach and Kale (planted in the fall and overwintered in our unheated greenhouses)
  • Butternut Squash (the stellar cellar survivors)
  • Pirate Popcorn - a buck an ear! (get it?) - on the cob - with instructions -
  • Leeks - the lone field warriors
  • things in such small quantities I probably should not mention them but I can't help myself: pints of garlic, quarts of small onions, watermelon radishes, different kinds of daikon radishes, kohlrabi, celery root. Limited Quantities! While Supplies Last . . . 
  • Franklin Honey - that beautiful, dark, fall honey - yes! you may still take daily doses of fall honey as a tonic for your spring allergies - it can't hurt!
  • Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans. shove that bag of store-bought beans to the back! Tally-Ho, Quality Quoffee Tuhwalk!
  • JORDAN BROTHERS SEAFOOD TRUCK. YIPPEE! Saturday Night Dinner should be spectacular!
  • Massachusetts Maple Syrup from Harms Family Farm. I received a notice from the MDAR: It's Official - March is Maple Month in Massachusetts!
  • Birchwold Farm Eggs . . .  from hens that live right down the road in Wrentham - across from Joe's Rock. They free range a ton and eat GMO free grain. while supplies last, of course.


 ***********               CSA SIGN UPS!              ************

Bring your Checkbook and Get it Done!

  • There are plenty of Boxed CSA Shares available for pickup at the Upswing Farm site on the Ashland/Holliston line. 28 South St. Ashland, MA. Pick-ups will be on Thursdays 1pm to 7pm. There are three seasons of CSA at Upswing - Spring, Summer, and Fall. Do one or do 'em all!  Do you have any contacts in that area? Spread the Word!
  • The 10% Bonus on your Farmstand CSA Card Ends May 1st: If you are opting to participate in Community Supported Agriculture by loading a debit card to spend at White Barn Farmstand in Wrentham anytime we are open on anything we sell (except for plants at the plant sale and seafood), fill out the online form and mail your check - or save a stamp and deliver your check straight to Chris at the pop-up farmstand this Saturday, March 19th, 10am to 2pm. (Sorry US Postal Service! I do love you so . . .)
  • There are a few openings in the Boxed CSA program for pickup at White Barn Farm in Wrentham at our farmstand on Tuesdays 10am to 2pm. We offer one "option" - a full share late May to late October (22 weeks, $625, payment plan available). Sign up for our Waiting List and we should get to you shortly!



Grassroots Marketing

and you can help!!!

Brittany Sidway Overshiner is amazing for many reasons. But you should see that girl whip up a beautiful, informative postcard on Illustrator. What a Whiz!!! and here it is . . .

Find a picture of the front of the postcard on Instagram

If you feel like supporting agriculture in your community as you buzz around town visiting friends, attending social activities, kids activities, libraries, churches, your favorite local businesses, or at your workplace, then . . .

pick up some postcards at this Saturday's Pop-up Market

Spread the Word!

and thank you! you are great!