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Ordering Time!

Posted 1/30/2018 1:18pm by christy kantlehner.

TIME TO ORDER! Follow this link: Virtual Winter Market

NEW this week:

Farmer Sam's mixed oyster mushrooms. Plainville, MA

Treehouse Farms eggs. Millis, MA

AND if you didn't see them last Friday- Birchwold Farm eggs are in the mix!

BACK IN STOCK: Pat's Pastured Ground Beef. E. Greenwich, RI

Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans are also back in stock: Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Organic Kenya

GREEN AND LIVELY: spinach and pea tendrils from right here at White Barn Farm, Mike's Micros - tasty, nutrient dense, little power food micro greens grown by the exacting hands of Mike in Mansfield at Common Acre Farm.

DELICIOUS RAW*: carrots, daikon radish, kohlrabi, watermelon radish, red cabbage, green cabbage, and depending on your taste buds, beets.

Anyone got a spiralizer? a julienne peeler? a box grater? Mad Knife Skillz?

* note that all of these are ALSO great roasted or in a stir fry 


 #Don't judge a book by its cover #Just Peel It #Yummy but not Pretty

Personal Note:

You will not believe where I am writing from. Puerto Rico. Everyone's first question is whether we are traveling for fun or to help with the recovery effort. I answer with no small amount of shame - we are going for vacation. Although in choosing this island we were thinking that this would be the place to spend tourist dollars.

I asked Graham whether I should include some pictures or if that would make our customers mad (i.e. envious because it is presently snowing in Wrentham). He said, "no, i think they will like it." If it makes anyone feel better it has been completely cloudy so far and we are still as white as albino whales, and possibly just as blubbery. I guess I should speak for myself on that last note!

Well. After several tries, I can't get pictures from my phone onto this complimentary hotel computer. You will have to imagine: Graham running wildly upon seeing a vast hillside of grass at El Morro, the very old fortress in Old San Juan, palm trees battered to bits yet with tiny chartreuse fresh growth showing both the brutality and resilience of nature, lush green mountains, then yellow grassy hills, fierce ocean waves, anywhere America shops but on the CVS it says "24 horas", solid looking blue FEMA tarps tied down in a grid functioning as roofs on an unimaginable majority of homes in some neighborhoods, hummingbirds appropriately feeding at birds of paradise flowers, open air restaurants, colorful rows of buildings, friendly smiles and words from every Puerto Rican we meet, traffic light intersections with de facto four-way stop rules flowing surprisingly smoothly, stray calico cats hunting, green parrots of some sort chasing each other around alleyways, boarded up buildings, endless signs of clean-up and restoration work, freshly fixed up places. We are enjoying our trip so much so far and we've hardly been here more than 24 hours and if you must know, Graham woke up puking in the bed with us, so we are still awaiting some sweet restfulness. 

pictures added to the blog after first sending to the mailing list:


Important Note! The show must go on. Mike Lawyer, who you may have met the last two weeks at Friday pick-up, will be receiving all of you who have pre-ordered or just decide to swing in and see what's available. He has been our right hand man for all of 2017. He is the one who meticulously direct seeded most crops, can do all of the tractor work, harvests, washes, and packs with speed and the eye for quality only a chef could have. Please treat him well! White Barn Farm is not known for being free from technical difficulty, though we tried to school him on all contingency plans, if needed.

Thank you for ordering on our Online Market!! This is keeping a little cash flow going to keep the heat at 30 in the greenhouse and the electricity running our walk-in and freezers, greenhouse ventilation, heat mats, and whatnot!