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Ninth Share

Posted 7/28/2011 5:21pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
Summer vegetables are in full force! Tomatoes made their first significant appearance on the farm yesterday. Summer is complete :) and they should be in your boxes soon!

This week's box contained:

1 Italian Eggplant and 1 Asian Eggplant. The Asian eggplant is perfect for slicing up and marinating along with squash, zucchini, and green peppers. You can make a grilled vegetable pasta, cold pasta salad, pizza, grilled sandwich, grain salad, you name it.

1 Green Pepper and 1 Lime-Green Sweet Pepper (a yellow-when-ripe variety named Flavorburst). I normally poo-poo green peppers, claiming that they are not ripe. But they do have their own special characteristics. All House of Pizzas across the US are sure to promote green peppers and onions as a classic 'za topping. slices of green pepper, red onion (you can use scallion slices), feta, and olives are another HOP Greek Salad classic - and it's kind of a treat to make the homemade version with ingredients that are fresh and full of flavor. Cook 'em up with sausages and onions and throw it on a roll. Use it in a homemade tomato sauce.

1 Bunch of Scallions. Your onion again. The real onions are ready to be brought in from the field to cure. Just as soon as we can!!! We've been calling all members of the "panic list" workforce to help us barrel through these challenging days when there is SO much to do.

1 Bunch of Dill. Hurray! my dream come true! Finally, year number three the box contains dill and cucumbers in the same box. In case you weren't aware, cukes and dill are great companions! Dill is also superb for fish or potatoes. You can make a real simple dip using sour cream, garlic powder, and fresh chopped dill. finish with a squeeze of lemon. taste to adjust - maybe w/ salt and pepper. You may also mix sour cream with mayo, cream cheese, yogurt. Go wild! See what happens if you put goat cheese and sour cream in the blender together. get creative. then let me know your top recipe. If you still have a kohlrabi rolling around in your fridge get out the big chef knife and the big cutting board - butcher the skin off of it and make little sticks for dipping in your delicious new dip :) You could also use it in a dijon-lemon-dill vinaigrette. If you are worried about wasting any dill you can hang what's left of the bunch upside down and let it dry in a dry not-too-hot spot out of the sunlight. OR make a compound butter to use on fish in the winter - throw a stick of butter (pre-cut into cubes to be nice to your machine), some zested lemon peel, a pinch of salt, a grind of pepper, and chopped dill in the food processor. When it's smooth it is done and it can be frozen like that. I like to make a little log in parchment paper so you can easily slice off just how many slices you want to throw in a baking dish with fish later.

4 Slicing Cucumbers. Yum! Tzatziki. cucumber salad. I like to keep a bowl of cucumber slices in seasoned rice wine vinegar (along w/ a pinch of salt and pinch of sugar) in the fridge. I bring it out when everyone comes in from the field and is waiting for lunch to be ready. Maybe this is your week to try to make Cold Cucumber Soup. Our website has lots of good cucumber recipes. Just go to the recipes page and type "cucumbers" into the search box.

2 Zucchini and 2 Yellow Squash. Grilled. or try some of the raw salads. or make roll-ups. or just sautee in butter (maybe along with some lemon basil leaves)- but not too crowded or they tend to boil in their own liquid. You want them to sautee and become golden brown. Use a real big pan or do batches.

1 Bunch of Lemon Basil. This herb has been surprising me. I thought I just grew it because of my compulsion to grow variety. But I have found it to be really nice! A couple Fridays ago, Bobby Jordan sent us home with a few packages of fresh Haddock. I rinsed and patted them dry, salt and peppered each side, then placed them in an olive oiled ceramic baking dish. Then I used about 1/3 a stick of butter - melted it in little pan on the stove. Cut some lemon peel off a lemon and chopped it (yellow part only - no white), added that. Then added about a tablespoon of chopped lemon basil and a teaspoon of chopped dill. I poured that over the fish, massaged it on to make sure it was coated, then foil wrapped it and baked at 350 for 20 minutes or so. I removed the foil for the last few minutes. The fish is ready when it is just beginning to flake apart - not when it is totally dried out!
We also use lemon basil in potato salad, in marinades for grilling (herbs, a little vinegar, a little lemon juice and olive oil). Meg Tobin, our flower specialist here at the farm, recommends an easy pasta dish with lemon basil. While your pasta is boiling heat some good olive oil on the stove, throw in lemon basil, some lemon basil, garlic would be good, chilli flakes if you like, then add the pasta once it's cooked and drained and finish with broken up pieces of goat cheese. yum.

2 Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers. These are spicy. They are the pointy lime-green ones. the most common place to see these is pickled rings as an accompaniment to fried calamari. The State of Colorado has created a webpage all about pickling peppers: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/09314.html Anyway, the mix need not be fancy - just salt, water, and vinegar is fine. The peppers themselves have plenty of flavor on their own. We like them as a pizza topping - especially with Barbeque chicken. They are also super on sandwiches - but to tell you the truth they are even better when pickled first. So do a quick pickle.

1 Bunch of Chioggia Beets. This variety is candy-striped inside, you'll notice if you cut cross-sections of it raw. The colors do tend to run together when cooked, however, leaving a pinkish colored cooked beet. Another variety that will not stain your hands, clothes, cutting board, sponge, etc. You can roast them just the same way as ever. or what about beet chocolate cake? There are lots of beet salad recipes on the website, too. To make them last the longest, cut the tops off right at the crown of the beet. You can steam or sautee the greens if you want. then keep the roots in a plastic bag in the fridge and they should stay there, firm and happy for quite some time.

1 Green and 1 Red Head of Romaine lettuce. Our enormous herd of turkeys and turkey adolescents that graze around the farm prefer White Barn Farm Romaine lettuce. The birds do no have much consideration for us farmers. Can't they see the whole bed of lettuce gone straight to seed with the heat? We need that Romaine!! We just eeked out enough to throw in the box. Apologies for any nibbled edges. Hope you have a crunchy salad despite those wild turkeys!