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Farmstand Finale!

Posted 12/17/2015 1:57pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
This Friday and Saturday, December 18th and 19th, are the final farmstands of the season!
Hours are as usual: 10am to 6pm Friday, 10am to 2pm Saturday
Seafood: 2pm to 6pm Friday, 10am to 2pm Saturday.
It has been a standout year, in great part to the dedication of you, our customers! Thank You!
One last hurrah for 2015!
~ freshly picked superfoods ~
Spinach ~ Tuscan Kale & Curly Kale ~ Looseleaf Swiss Chard ~ Mustard Mix ~ Bok Choyswiss chard   winter mustard mix

A new vegetable to add to your culinary vocab - Sugarloaf - it is kind of a white radicchio from the chicory family that tends to be very cold hardy and is lovely as a bitter green in salads, or grilled or roasted. I first met these pointy little guys in Switzerland, where they're called zuckerhut (sugarloaf). The teenage daughter at the farm I was staying at always sliced it into thin ribbons, soaked it in warm water for a few minutes to mild the bitterness, then served it with shredded carrots, canned corn (of all things), and a garlicky apple cider vinaigrette. I kept wondering where this family kept getting the iceberg lettuce. Finally Lejsa showed me their garden patch and harvested this little conehead right out of a light dusting of snow. I was very impressed and have been meaning to/trying to grow it ever since. Ours went in a little late so really you just have the hearts - but all the flavor is there. Enjoy!!

More Leeks fresh from the field! Plus their cousins Garlic & Shallots

Winter Radishes - Daikon, Purple Daikon, and Watermelon Radishes store very well in a plastic bag in the fridge and are excellent for peeling and shredding with a box grater on a salad. You can't ask for a more vibrant colormix than a salad topped with hot pink watermelon radishes, purple dakion, white daikon, and orange carrots.

Red Cabbage from White Barn Farm and Green Cabbage from Vanguarden CSA in Dover

Popcorn!! Here is your chance to be clever and crafty a la Martha Stewart: Popcorn Gift Idea

~ the Roasting and Mashing Wonderland section ~

Celery Root from right here at White Barn Farm

Yukon Gold Potatoes from Langwater Farm in Easton

Sweet Potatoes ~ Carrots ~ Parsnips from Vanguarden CSA in Dover

~ the BULK SALE section ~

Yellow Onions & Red Onions - 10lbs or more for $1/Lb if you want to stock up. Onions should keep well for quite a while in a cold, dry, dark spot (but not freezing).

Kohlrabi - also 10lbs or more for $1/Lb if you want to keep on hand a vegetable that you can have raw all winter. A welcome crunch to break up the comfort food routine. Chef/Owner at Chez Pascal, Matt Gennuso, has kohlrabi noodles on his New Year's Eve menu. Anyone got a spiralizer? The julienne blade on a mandoline also makes kohlrabi into a perfect form for slaw. The easiest is just to slice it into sticks for dipping. I always tell people, in reference to the enormous storage Kohlrabi variety, Kossack, treat it like a wheel of cheese - just cut off what you want to use at one time and go back to it later. Don't feel like you have to finish one of those bohemoths in one sitting!

Winter Squash - 10lbs or more for $1/Lb. Another very easy to store veggie. Ideal storage conditions are 50 degrees and dry. Maybe just in a basket in a cool part of your house.

~ Local, Sustainable Sources of Sugar ~

Massachusetts Maple Syrup. From Harms Family Farm in Brookfield, Mass. Their sugarbush is in Colrain, MA. (Did you know that sugarbush is the name of a maple syrup "farm"?) Taste it and your heart will swell with Massachusetts Maple Pride!!

Franklin Honey's beautiful, amber, fall Honey. Local, raw, and delicious with peanut butter on an english muffin (don't tell my diabetes educator!).


Eggs from Pat's Pastured, Bread from Iggy's, Coffee Beans from Sheldonville Roasters

~ White Barn Farm's Shameless Commerce Division ~

Gift Cards - for any amount over $10. Do you have school teachers, bus drivers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists, landscapers, hair stylists, etc. that are extra special in your life? Show your gratitude with a little gift card from WBF :)

WBF Pint Glasses - 2 for $10 (normally $6 each), $5 w/ purchase of a $20 gift card, or get one free w/ purchase of a $50 gift card. We even packaged the last two deals in a little gift pack - complete with tissue paper and ribbons!

pint glass gift pack  gift card

Cookbooks - From Asparagus to Zucchini and Farm Fresh and Fast, both put out by Fairshare CSA Coalition and an excellent guide for the procession of season vegetables produced by small mixed vegetable growers.

 Come and Visit! We'd love to thank you in person for your season-long support!

Hey! That reminds me! Last weekend's Holiday Bazaar at An Unlikely Story bookstore in Plainville was great! The aesthetic was fantastic, the vendors were top quality, and the spirit was festive! Each of the vendors donated an item to be raffled for the Christmas is for Kids charity in Attleboro. Th raffle raised $500!!! I was so proud to put the money order in the mail on Monday! If you were a winner, don't forget to come to the farmstand to claim your prize!

Happy Holidays Everybody!!