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Farm Bounty!!! and Farm Fundraiser Sunday 8/11

Posted 8/10/2013 8:17am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

 Good Morning Sunshine!!!! Whoa! What a whole lot of rain yesterday. Thank you to all of you who weathered that insane downpour just as we opened (and let's be honest, continued on for pretty much the rest of the afternoon). We are so fortunate that we have such a dedicated customer base. A crazy storm like that sure generates a lot of energy. What a hoot to see Chris in his orange fisherman pants running back and forth with umbrellas trying to get you all from your cars and back. Our crew was tireless and undampened (in spirit only, of course). Actually, a storm like that also generates a lot of laundry as our whole crew needed new socks, shorts, and tshirts to take a lunch break and then again after setting up the stand! Anyway, we hope it was worth it when you got home with your delicious fresh food!!!

Although it seemed incongruous considering the weather, yesterday was the day that the real summer bounty hit the stand: Cantaloupes are ripe! Our sweet corn is ready! Tomatoes are on!! The heirlooms and everything! Get it while the gettins good! We are open today from 10am to 2pm . . . 

Melons, tomatoes, and corn have got to be the quintessential summer treats! But our other summer produce is cranking, too: cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers. We even have some midsummer lettuce to complete the BLT sandwich. And we have the onions, potatoes, basil, and parsley needed to make a meal of all of this. In fact, with Iggy's Bread, Puddingstone Organics Eggs, and local honey at the stand, you may not even need to go to the grocery store! Plus you can feast your eyes on all of the different varieties you are unlikely to find at the grocery store. Little sweet orange "yummy" snack peppers, round yellow "lemon" cucumbers, light purple and white striped eggplants, fresh specialty red potatoes, and green-when-ripe tomatoes, to name a few.

And the farm flowers are going crazy, too. Laurene Hulbig has worked her magic again and there are lots of gorgeous bouquets to brighten your day. Only 12 bucks to make your friends' week and provide a lovely hostess gift (or just put on your own table!).

This Sunday, August 11th, is your chance to celebrate, support, and see White Barn Farm!  We are having a farm fundraiser Sunday market, bring-your-own picnic, farm tours, live music, a raffle, face painting, hula hooping, dancing etc. The event is $15 and is located at the farm. You will still park at the Roadside Stand and carefully cross the road (being courteous to all those rambunctious Sunday drivers on 1A). There is some parking at the farm house for anyone with a wheelchair or mobility issues. Bring lawnchairs or blankets, your cooler (nothing with bottle caps, please), lawn games, and maybe sunscreen and insect repellent. No pets. But kids under 12 are free!! The event is from 2pm to 7pm. You can purchase tickets in advance on Brown Paper Tickets

The Sunday Market lineup is looking good: a version of our farmstand, Franklin Honey with honey and their outstanding soaps, lip balm, hand cream, etc, WMR Woodworking with his stunning reclaimed hardwood cutting boards and wooden utensils and cool objects galore. We even coaxed the talented Karl Zeigler to bring whatever beautiful ceramics he has ready for sale. There will be a community art project ongoing and face painting for all ages. The musical guests are Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, Birdie Busch, and Jenee Halstead. For more info check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/546427158749049/ All proceeds of the raffle go towards maintaining the White Barn Farm grounds and buildings, stewarded by the locally famous Mary Alice Raymond, aka Grammie, Ganga, Liz, Mama (my 91 year old grandmother who tolerates and even supports a young farm (and family) springing up on her family homestead).  Please respect our home and our neighbors and join us for a lovely afternoon!

Thanks as always!

Christy, Chris and Baby Graham at White Barn Farm