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CSA Week 21

Posted 10/14/2015 2:41pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good afternoon! The season is winding down fast! There is only one week left of boxed CSA. Here is what was included in this week's share:


-Cabbage-Try this Cabbage and apple winter slaw

-Raddiccio-This maroon and white green is commonly used in salad mixes. It has a bitter and spicy flavor. Great as an addition to salad, stew and soup. You can eat this green raw, or cooked.

-Kale bunch



-3 sweet potatoes-Easy to bake, simply scrub skins and place in oven. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, until potato can be pierced with a fork. (Putting potatoes in oven prior to heating enhances sweetness). Try simple baked sweet potatoes with butter, skins can be eaten. Here's another great recipe for sweet potatoes and beets!

-2 yellow onions

-Bunch popcorn-Great as a fall decoration, this popcorn will be ready for popping around mid-December. Here are directions on how to make your own popcorn.

-2 winter squash of your choosing:


-Red kuri-This is the bright reddish-orange squash. Very similar to butternut squash, this has a sweet and mild flavor. Try this easy and delicious recipe for roasted red kuri squash with honey and paprika!

-Delicata-This is the long, yellow squash with green or orange lines. For a healthy take on fries try these crispy delicata squash fries.

-Kabocha-This squash is rounder and flatter than the other varieties. It has a bluish/gray skin. Try roasting it with cinnamon!

-Acorn-This squash gets its name because it resembles an acorn. Another variety of this squash with yellow striped skin was also an option this week. The striped variety is called carnival. Great with cinnamon and apples or try these fall acorn squash cookies.