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CSA week 19

Posted 9/29/2015 3:11pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Happy fall everyone! This is what was included in your CSA box for week 19:


-kholrabi-This light green veggie is pictured next to the pepper pint in the above image. To eat simply peel the skin off. Kholrabi is a great healthy snack. Delicious sliced up raw with veggie dip or hummus. Kholrabi is also great sauteed. Or try this Thai-inspired Napa and Kohlrabi slaw recipe.

-pint of cherry tomatoes

-pint of mixed sweet peppers


-red onions

-carnival squash- This squash is striped. Here's a guide to roasting winter squash. This is a simple and delicious addition to a meal.

-acorn squash-This squash got it's name from it's resemblance to an acorn. This is the mostly dark green squash you got this week. Winter squash is great paired with sweet foods, such as cranberries and apples. Try this red quinoa with acorn squash, pecans and cranberries.

-fennel-This crunchy bulb is a member of the carrot family. It has an aroma similar to licorice when raw. Fennel is great in a saute with carrots or roasted in the oven. Try this Fennel, orange and arugala salad!


-two heads of lettuce (one red leaf and one green leaf)

-swiss chard-These are the bundled, large leaf greens. Here's a recipe for sauteed swiss chard.