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CSA Renewal Reminder

Posted 1/24/2019 4:25pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good Afternoon CSA Shareholders!

Your farmers have taken a road trip in a minivan from L.A. to Seattle and returned safe, refreshed, and excited for 2019! We visited with lots of friends and family we just don't get to spend quality time with during our busy season. We took in awe-inspiring beauty and rejuvenated our spirits among the Sequoias, Yosemite snowfall, Redwood forests, the vast, rugged coast of Oregon, and the cold, clear water of very northwest Washington lined with pine trees complete with bald eagles. Chris did a trail run nearly every morning, and we did a family hike nearly every day. We read books by headlamp when we camped in our transformable van and cooked delicious meals on our two burner camp stove. It was so wholesome it hurt! (kidding - it was welcome and lovely!) i added some photos at the bottom.

The winter is chugging along at an alarming pace. We have both been seeking a little outside income to keep the cash flowing along. Chris has become part of the ski patrol team at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury and I have started substitute teaching at Wrentham Elementary. It is so luxurious to be an employee rather than a manager! But then of course it is the farmer's unique privilege to have the opportunity to reinvent their business every season. With the stubborn optimism that this season will be better than the last. The allure of the clean slate and the promise of a fresh start keep us in the game each year.

*****which leads us to the point of this email . . .

  • It is that time of year again: White Barn CSA Sign-Ups for the upcoming season! There is no waiting list, so anyone can sign up anytime, but we wanted to remind all of you first!

First, THANK YOU for your support throughout 2018.  It was another successful season for White Barn Farm and it would not work without your early season investment.  We hope you enjoyed all the good food!  Last year we set up the CSA distribution differently than in years past.  We  posted the share at the farmstand (on a chalkboard) and you would come collect your share according to the list.  The idea was to give customers more flexibility and choice throughout the season and reduce our labor cost/time for packing and managing the boxes.  We thank you for your cooperation through the transition! We are going to continue with the same method this year.  

It is as simple as this:
  1. During Winter, invest in good, organic, sustainable, healthy, fresh produce "order" your shares online, then mail your check to the farm . . . or new this year you can pay online too - if you don't mind "eating" the fee!)
  2. During late winter and early spring, patiently wait (maybe even forget you signed up) while we buy seeds, potting soil, twist ties, bags, tools, sharpies, tags, pots, greenhouse heat, compost, row cover, tomato stakes, insect netting, etc. By March 1st, we begin to start seedlings in our heated greenhouse, prepare our growing fields, train new employees, and lots more.
  3. As early as May 10th for Spring shareholders, you start coming to the farmstand to pick up the weekly fruits of our labor. Let the seasonal specialties inspire your meals for the week, and enjoy the bounty of White Barn Farm's fields.


Three Season Incentive! Pay for all Three Seasons by March 1st and we will send you a $20 gift card to spend at the farmstand. If you already have a card, let us know and we can just add the $20 to your balance!

Read All the Details about the Shares on the Website! It includes all the dates and deadlines.


***why are you so important to us???

  • The weekly CSA program (formerly the Boxed CSA) is truly the backbone of our business.  Not only do you fund the early season purchases necessary to get the farm up and running each spring, but you commit to coming to claim a share of what is fresh each week. Knowing that we have a consistent, committed market for our produce is a wonderful thing. We grow perishable products that need to be enjoyed by our local community as soon after harvest as possible! 

*****want to spend some of your precious time helping us get the word out? send an email to info@whitebarnfarm.org

  • If you have grown to love being part of our CSA, we'd be forever grateful if you could share a testimonial about our CSA. We'd love to include your firsthand comments, insights, and observations with potential customers in future marketing materials. How was the quality of the produce? Was there enough flexibility? For your size family (include details), was the share a good size?
  • I suppose we should also ask for constructive criticisms/suggestions, ideas for improvement, why you would not join again, etc. (even though it's very hard not to take it personally!!!)


Farmer Chris with edits and embellishments by Christy

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