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6th Share for 2014 Boxed CSA

Posted 7/2/2014 8:30am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

 Happy Holiday Everybody!!! 4th of July week! The summer feeling has really set in. Remember how long and cold and snowy this past winter was? Well now it is 90 and sunny, so soak it in!!! Happy Fireworks and Happy Birthday USA!

Box 6:

Broccoli. Include this broccoli with some roasted vegetables or throw it into a stir fry.  Last night I had success throwing a miniscule amount of broccoli into some rice pilaf that had about ten minutes left to simmer. I just coarsely chopped the pint full of florets and stirred it into the hot rice. Before serving, I added some lemon juice, chopped parsley, and crumbled feta. I served it on the same platter with some half moons of sauteed summer squash and it was quite beautiful and delicious, too.

Green Cabbage. This cabbage is perfect for some fresh cole slaw or delicious fish tacos. got any cilantro? try making this peanut-cilantro cole slaw. Or just do the classic. It's surprising how sweet fresh cabbage tastes. These are the type of cabbage most often used to make cabbage rolls, too. Blanch whole leaves and roll a stuffing into them (rice, mushrooms, and ground beef are common, but be creative!), then bake in a casserole dish with tomato sauce or some combo of wine and broth. Cabbage can certainly be stir fried. I suggest browsing the internet for some creative slaw alternatives to the traditional mayo, vinegar slaw. 

1 zucchini (possibly a golden zucchini), 1 yellow squash. Vertical slices of zukes are quick to prepare and super easy to manage on the grill. Season the raw veg with salt & pepper and toss with a blend of high-heat veggie oil (like organic canola or sunflower) and olive oil (for flavor). Do note that veggies take longer than most things on the grill so maybe do them first. A little flourish of chopped parsley and a dash of balsamic and olive oil makes a nice room temp grilled veggie salad. Another idea for the zucchini is a recipe I learned during my farming travels in Italy: Zucchini and Basil Carbonara. We made this for the farm crew a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit! Zucchini and Basil always make a great pair.

1 slicing cucumber. great for your salad or just sliced thin and doused with a small amount of seasoned rice wine vinegar and a small pinch of salt, toss to coat, cover and stick in the fridge. When you come back you have a delightful mild pickle.

1 bunch of carrots. Looking for a use of your carrots besides a fun, crunchy snack or a topping to a salad? Try this awesome Honey-Glazed Carrot recipe!

1 head of radicchio. We like just chopping the radicchio thin to add to lettuce for a tasty salad mix. Radicchio may also be grilled: Cut the head into halves or quarters, leaving the core in place (to hold the leaves together). Brush with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Find a cool spot on the grill and turn the radicchio as needed to wilt it. After grilling, drizzle generously with olive oil and flavorful red wine vinegar; add S & P and serve.  the natural bitterness of radicchio is balanced by richness and acidity - like goat cheese and balsamic.

3 heads of lettuce: 2 "freckles" and 1 panisse. No this is not dirt on your lettuce - it is our "freckles" lettuce. The darker spots are just the natural markings of the lettuce. This variety is extra tasty so enjoy!! Panisse is the lime green oakleaf variety. tasty crunch in the core surrounded by gorgeous and tender outer leaves.

freckles lettuce

scallions. I think by now you all have gotten some good ideas of when and where to use your scallions (if not, consult previous emails!). For something new, try this delicious and simple Scallion Couscous. It makes a perfect side dish to any chicken, fish, or pork!

1 bunch of fresh onions "tropeana lunga" (aka torpedo onions). Fresh red onions that are kind of like a big fat red scallion. Great for mincing as a base to a roasted beet salad, guacamole, balsamic vinaigrette, pasta salad. anything. use like a red onion - they are just a little milder. The entire onion (tops, too) can be sliced in half vertically and marinated and grilled with your other grilled veggies.

2 bulbs of fennel. Great for a Fennel Slaw, Fennel Salad, or Fennel & Beet Soup (you could definitely use yogurt in place of the kefir in the soup recipe). I find the key to raw fennel is to slice it very, very thin. I normally cut it down the middle - making the cut perpendicular to the flatter part of the bulb. I cut out most of the core (kind of like in a cabbage). Then I use my awesome little adjustable Japanese mandoline to make paper thin slices, shaving it from the bottom up. I like to season them with salt & pepper to draw out some of the natural liquid. I like to combine the fennel with thinly shaved red onion (or our fresh red torpedo onions), toss  with a citrus vinaigrette (or at least lemon juice and olive oil), and voila!

parsley. chop and add to anything - pasta, rice, sandwiches, salad, grilled veggies, etc. 

Have Fun! and Keep up the Good Work of Eating in Season!!!!







Brocoli- include in roasting vegetables of stir fry