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2019 CSA Card Reminder

Posted 1/25/2019 4:04pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good Afternoon White Barn CSA Cardholders!

it's time . . .

Your farmers have made it back from our west coast campervan friends and family excursion.  We had such an amazing time seeing the beauty this country has to offer. Now is time for us to start planning our 11th growing season.  Many of you have been supporting our farm in so many ways, throughout the years, and we can't thank you enough.  

Our farm would not be able to operate without your early investment in the farm, purchasing or reloading a CSA farmstand card.  This card is win win for both parties.  White Barn Farm receives a much needed financial boost during our winter months allowing us to purchase operating essentials, and the consumer receives a 10% bonus on their card! As soon as the farmstand is open, you can start using your card to buy good food! 

This option allows anyone to participate in Community Supported Agriculture. You do not have to commit to take a certain list of vegetables on a weekly basis. You can come choose whatever you like, whenever we are open. The card is a great choice if you have a small family or tend to be away multiple pick-up weeks.

Sign up for a CSA CARD now!

  • First, "order" your card or an amount to be reloaded onto your existing card. Make sure to "checkout" - you will get an email including your invoice. Mail the farm a check. As soon as we have your payment, we will send you a confirmation email (and your card if you need one).
  • OR **New this Year!!** YOU CAN PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE! As long as you don't mind "eating" the processing fee we get charged . . . 3%
  • If you pay by check, please disregard the online processing fee that will show up on your order either way
  • Also **New This Year:
The Ultimate Farmstand Shopper Card: $1,000 

If you pay for an Ultimate Farmstand Card by March 1st, we will add an extra 5% onto your card, for a total 15% bonus! WOW thats a deal - put down $1,000 and receive and extra $150 worth of produce grown by neighbors for thy neighbors.

DREAM of spring!

farmer chris and christy

if you wanna get personal . . .  here is a little recycled news clip from yesterday's email to our Weekly CSA Shareholders. Sorry if you already read it! But there's some highlight pictures from our trip at the bottom:)

"Your farmers have taken a road trip in a minivan from L.A. to Seattle and returned safe, refreshed, and excited for 2019! We visited with lots of friends and family we just don't get to spend quality time with during our busy season. We took in awe-inspiring beauty and rejuvenated our spirits among the Sequoias, Yosemite snowfall, Redwood forests, the vast, rugged coast of Oregon, and the cold, clear water of very northwest Washington lined with pine trees complete with bald eagles. Chris did a trail run nearly every morning, and we did a family hike nearly every day. We read books by headlamp when we camped in our transformable van and cooked delicious meals on our two burner camp stove. It was so wholesome it hurt! (kidding - it was welcome and lovely!) i added some photos at the bottom.

The winter is chugging along at an alarming pace. We have both been seeking a little outside income to keep the cash flowing along. Chris has become part of the ski patrol team at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury and I have started substitute teaching at Wrentham Elementary. It is so luxurious to be an employee rather than a manager! But then of course it is the farmer's unique privilege to have the opportunity to reinvent their business every season. With the stubborn optimism that this season will be better than the last. The allure of the clean slate and the promise of a fresh start keep us in the game each year. "