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Don't Miss our Last Weekend!

Posted 12/20/2018 8:33am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hey Y'all! This is the last weekend at the farmstand! We will not be doing the virtual online market (except maybe in a pop-up kind of way if we get a crazy flush of spinach). This is your last chance to stock up on White Barn Farm garlic and we've gathered up all sorts of other goodies to make your trip to the barn more worthwhile!


I forgot to include farmstand hours last time so let's begin with that!

Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 4pm
Jordan Brothers Seafood - Friday: 2pm - 6pm
and Saturday: 10am - 2pm
This is  a great weekend to pre-order to ensure you get just what you want from Jordan Brothers. Send an email to Jordanbrothersseafood@yahoo.com Get your Orders in by 5:00AM Friday. Scroll to the bottom of this message to see the availability list Bobby sent out earlier this week.

Wishingstone Farm in Little Compton, RI, has provided a few dazzling items to light up our display - blue potatoes, brussels sprouts, and butternut squash. We ordered another round of Queen's Greens' big carrots and big beets. Vanguarden CSA's Elba potatoes are still in strong supply. And even White Barn Farm has some produce to offer!! The last harvest of our lettuce mix will be for sale, as will the pea tendrils from our greenhouse, kohlrabi, celery root, onions, garlic, shallots, sugarloaf radicchio, red cabbage, winter radishes, and popcorn!


Birchwold Farm delivered more eggs and Pat's Pastured is bringing 30 dozen more and restocking the freezer with pork chops and chicken breast. While supplies last! Put some grass-fed beef and pastured pork or chicken in your freezer to hold you until we open again. I especially recommend the ribs for slow cooking and providing just the winter comfort food for being a homebody or watching a football game. As a side or a vegetarian option, try cooking Baer's Best dry beans. Who knew a bean is not just a bean. These are not the same as a can of beans!

The appetizer game should be strong this weekend! Narragansett Creamery's Angelito Garlic & Herb and Jalapeño spreads and Couet Farm's Adelisca Garlic and Mediterranean Herb spreads are coming in. Daniele Sopressata, Hot Sopressata, and Chorizo will be representing the locally made salami for your cheese board. Narragansett's Crescendo Stracciatella is a delight for spreading on a cracker or toast with fig jam. If you want the most authentic ricotta for homemade ravioli, lasagna, manicotti, or ricotta pie - we've ordered the Narragansett tins. It is the only ricotta I've had in the U.S. that even compares to what we were making at the Italian dairy farms I worked at before starting White Barn Farm. Let's be honest - it's good enough to just spread on a slice of baguette - drizzle with olive oil and finish with sea salt or some tasty salt blend and you are a wonder host!


Don't forget to have some real maple syrup on hand for Christmas breakfast! And some Wright's dairy farm eggnog to leave out for Santa on Christmas eve (shaken over ice with rum and finished with fresh grated nutmeg optional). Those cute chocolate and coffee milks will be available, too.

So, the weather Friday is supposed to be a terrible washout, but we will be open. Try to put an umbrella in your car. Park near the barn if you can. Don't step in the puddles. Saturday and Sunday look nice enough.

We still have gift-y stuff: Franklin Honey gift bags, soaps, lip balm, and hand cream. Dab deodorant. White Barn Farm popcorn bundles, pint glasses, onesies, hats, winter hats, and toddler and women's tees. Gift cards. Hot sauces galore. Sheldonville Roasters coffee beans. All sorts of good stuff! If you would like to buy some of our produce to be donated to the Wrentham Food Pantry, you can get it done online straight away! Thank you to those of you who have already donated - we are packing garlic, onions, winter squash, and potatoes to go in this Saturday, just in time for holiday feasts!

Many of you have asked if we are taking a trip this winter. Indeed we are! We are off to L.A. to visit Chris' dad and then road tripping north through California, visiting friends, and finally leaving out of Seattle. Chris found us a minivan equipped with a bed and camp kitchen setup in the back. We hope to visit State parks, National parks (if they are not completely shutdown with the government), and enjoy the natural beauty of the west coast. It has felt like an especially long season and we are looking forward to a break! We will be back in mid-January to start planning 2019 wholeheartedly. If we do come up with enough produce to warrant a pop-up market, we will let you know via the mailing list. Join here if you are reading this but somehow not on our list!

We thank you for a very long season of supporting our farm! Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice on Friday, Full Moon on Saturday, and a Happy New Year!

Thank you again!

Christy at White Barn Farm (and Chris, Graham, and the crew, of course!)

Here's what Jordan Brothers is expecting to offer. The ?? mean probably but not definitely:

  • Sea Scallops??   1/2lb   11.00??
  • Salmon fillet    8/9oz   9.00  
  • Haddock fillet ?? 10/11oz   12.00??
  • Cod fillet ?? 10/11oz   12.00??  
  • Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
  • Hake fillet   14/15oz   10.00
  • Monk fillet   11/12oz   12.00 
  • Swordfish??   10/12oz   14.00??
  • Greysole ??  8/9oz   12.00??
  • Live Lobsters   1 1/4lb  18.00
  • Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   40.00  
  • Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag   70.00 
  • Frozen Lobster Meat   11.3oz    20.00 
  • Frozen Raw Shrimp 26/30ct (peeled and deveined) 3lb bag 48.00  
  • Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00
  • Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00  
  • Fresh Shell-on Shrimp   1/2lb    12.00  
  • Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   7.00
  • Frozen Stuffed Clams    5oz   2.00 
  • Frozen Squid TNT (Tubes and Tentacles) 1lb. 10.00
  • PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
  • Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
  • Steamers (purged)   2lb   15.00
  • Oysters   1/2doz   7.00  
  • Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
  • Shrimp and Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
  • Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
  • Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00