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Fireflies, Fireworks, Cabbage and Carrots!

Posted 7/3/2018 4:04pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good afternoon folks, 

Just got inside to some air conditioning and a polar seltzer.  7 years ago today Christy and I got married at the farm - specifically at the peas.  The farm was closed that day but alive with love from our friends and family.  We still have those friends and family, and added many more along the way.  We commmitted to each other and to the life the farm has provided us.  And i hope to be writing emails to everyone for many more years.  Thank you all for the love and support over the past 6 years, from the bottom of our hearts we are truly grateful. Now onto the farm updates.

We are open today (Tuesday) till 6pm. Seafood 2-6.
we will be closed Wednesday July 4th,
Back to regular hours for the week on Thursday: 10-6 thursday and friday, 10-4 Saturday & Sunday

Its been ridiculously hot!!!

The crops are thriving in this heat thanks to the the well we were able to install last year.  We have been able to water adequately through this heat wave. Our crew has been sweating to bring our community abosolute bountiful amounts of produce.  Our list of produce represented at the farmstand is endless but i will try- Lettuce, arugula, spicy salad mix, head lettuce, cucumbers, zuchinini, carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, parlsey, scallions, beets, fresh onions, sugarsnap peas, kale, swiss chard, dandelion green, garlic scapes, radichio, frisee, radish, salad turnips, mushrooms, i may have missed something but you get the idea.  Please come and support us, the crew has worked to hard during this week for everyone to enjoy! i did send the field crew home at 2 today and they get a day off tomorrow.


Our flowers make me happy.  Wow yourself and your friends all weekend.  If you are headng to a party this weekend treat someone you know to a local organic, gorgeous bunch of flowers.  Get a bouquet for your friends made and grown by your friends. We are also offering straight bunches of different blooms - $6 per bunch or 2 for $10. Snapdragons, Hydrangea, Sea Holly, Calendula, Delphinium, Yarrow, Black-Eyed Susans, and Stock are all on the list of straight bunches this week.

Grass-Fed meat.

Our friends at Pats Pastured Poultry have been providing us with Grass fed meat for two years now.  A lot of the items make for great grilling.  Try some of the beer bratwurst paired with grilled kale.  Hot italian suasage with wome grilled fresh onions.  Grass fed Burgers with Lettuce mix, and homemade qucik pickles.  Grilled chicken breast with an asian napa slaw. A lot of grilling will be happening this week and its time represtent with produce and provisions from your favorite local farm.

The Endless Plantsale.

Farmer Christy has been busy planning, planting and potting up a ridiculous amount of plants for all of you to enjoy.  We still have plants to add to your garden.  Its not too late to plant summer crops, and a great time to plant crops for fall.  Now is a great time to add soil amendments to keep pumping produce all season long.  We can provide you with Vermont organics, compost plus, compost, potting soil, and perennial blend.  Come check out some of our awesome planters for brightening up your deck or front porch.

It's Still time to commit to good food.

We are still selling summer shares, fall shares, and medfield farmers market CSA shares.  The shares are prorated for your convenience.  All information is on our website.

White Barn farm takes pride in providing local produce and provisions, grown using the most sustainble practices for our workers, customers, community, nature, bees, insects, soil, children and families in our surrounding neighborhood.  We can only do this with support, please commit to buying food from your neighborhood.  Spread the good word, tell a friend, forward this to people who may enjoy and have never been, share and like on facebook, come and shop. Say hi to our staff.  Thank you all for everything you have done to keep this farm going.


chris, christy, graham  the stewards of white barn farm