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Full Moon Fever

Posted 5/1/2018 8:01am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.


BELTANE! BELTANE! Pagan Holiday of Fertility!
and . . . Patrick Kantlehner's Birthday!
Please note today's subject line is in honor of Tom Petty. One of my favorites.That we lost this year. I am listening to the Ry Cooder, The UFO Has Landed Anthology this morning. and by some grace of god, I am actually awake before 7am.
Many of you may know that I am not a morning person normally. But today I was raised levante-d reveille-d by the first rays of sunlight. I looked out the window in the opposite cardinal direction and there was the full moon - still lit up!!
Is it funny that a night owl and sufferer of chronic tardiness and a die hard procrastinator started a business in which timing, planning, and early morning work is so important? I guess you could call that "funny"
Anyway, I am experiencing a burst of energy (mania?) that I am attributing to the Full Moon. and definitely the lengthening days.
Many of you may have seen my first Facebook Live performance that I did on Saturday. It was an "impromptu farm tour" and like my writing was a big run on sentence that may challenge your attention span.
May Day! M'aidez*! White Barn Farm's bank account needs you . . .
*en Francais: imperative of Help with the Object, "Me" = HELP ME!!!
It's only 5 weeks. $20 a week. one Benjamin. and you will be so sick of eating fresh greens and radishes that you will be absolutely relieved when it ends. The first pick up is on May 11th. The deadline to get your money in is this Friday (one week prior to the first pick up), May 4th. International Star Wars day. Anyone know the punch line? We will not turn your money away after the deadline, so long as shares are still available.
Quickly, another joke: April Showers bring May Flowers, but what do May Flowers bring? Well, I'll tell you what! If you mention this email at the farmstand this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, someone can tell you the punch line. How's that for a prize?
I am big into prizes at the farm. That's what I call my little attempts to offer "employee benefits" that don't cost as much money as things they actually need like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations.
Speaking of prizes, did anyone enter the raffle during EarthFest? We intend to post the winners before Friday. If you are coming to pick up groceries at the farmstand this weekend, you can claim your prize at that time. If you don't come, some wonderful new employee at White Barn Farm will track you down!
If you didn't have a chance to enter the raffle, there are still a couple of adorable hand-knit baby hats that will make them look like the little veggie heads they are destined to be, with someone like you (being a reader of this email) knowing them and gifting it to that babe. Perhaps we will do Raffle Part 2.
Our best employee ever (sorry other employees) who has decided to not commute from Providence anymore to demolish her body farming, but still teaches yoga at Franklin Yoga & Wellness on Tuesdays at 4:30pm, and still sews with the ladies at the Franklin Mill Store, but was at the helm of our farmstand during EarthFest, and WILL be working our 2day Plant Sale Extravaganza, and who rivals Kevin Bacon in the degrees of separation from knowing absolutely everyone, knit those hats. Anyone know who I'm referring to? Does anyone remember (from how many lines back) what the subject of that sentence was?
So here is a honey-do list with the community at large being the "honey"
  • Print tags for the plant sale and put them in each plant for our Amazing Technicolor Plant sale
  • Erect two crappy used rental tents - the one for the farmstand before International Star Wars Day. the one for the temporary wash station ASAP
  • Give us a shed to keep our tools in. Build it. Donate an old one. We don't care, we just need it to follow Chris around during his day so that he can put all the tools he uses back into it. So I guess it just needs wheels and a smart robot brain as well. Eagle Scouts? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Pick up the free freezer and fridge that people offered us the last time I begged for free stuff. Moving Guys? Are the college people done with school yet? Anyone?
  • Weed the Peonies. Cut last year's residue and burn it, although it is probably too late to control the botrytis that could be transmitted from last year's stalks to the fresh shoots of this year's plant. Then mulch.
  • Harvest Nettles. Dry and sell as tea. or make a medicine and sell it. Humor my precious Nettle Patch.
  • Save the Asparagus! Save the Rhubarb! Save the Hops!
  • Move the Mint!
  • Transfer the Strawberries from the Mulched Pathways into the landscape fabric beds. Erina? Erina's Dad? I saw the way your entire family single/many handedly mulched the pathways during Strawberry Year 1 at WBF - Ha! Did you know WBF also stands for Ward's Berry Farm? It is certainly not Strawberry Year 1 for those pros!! I'll tell you what - Iggy's Bread knows that WBF stands for both. Our bread orders are often confused :\
  • pot up every last tomato seedling, basil transplant, zinnia, marigold, nasturtium, and snapdragon. T-19days to Plant Sale Explosion
  • plant all the potatoes. Cinco de Mayo deadline on the papas
  • hoe all the weeds
  • mulch. oh how i love mulch. if my alternative life of graduate school ever had materialized how I would have PhD'ed about mulch!

Iggy's Bread at White Barn Farm's 2018 Debut this Weekend! As long as we remember to place the sticky bun order by Wednesday!!!

Mother's Day is May 13th. Not this Sunday, but the next one. Buy her a Flower CSA share. We will give her flowers every week for many weeks. You give us $200 now. Call your siblings. Write a check. write "flower csa" in the memo part. If you love the post office as much as I do, put a jazzy stamp on it and mail it to: P.O. Box 207, Wrentham, MA 02093. If you can't stand spending a forever stamp to mail something to a place you whiz past in your car every day, just bring it to our farmstand while you are shopping there this weekend. I use the term "weekend" loosely - we are open Friday 10-6, Saturday & Sunday 10-4.

If you are a mom and want the Flower CSA for Mother's Day, do your children a favor and forward them this email. I'm sure they will not think I am crazy. On second thought, just copy and paste the previous paragraph and text it to them. Even my 96 year old Grammie could conceivably text the info to my dad. texts are that commonplace now. but Grammie was born in 1922. She might need an assistant to send the text. I will never forget when Grammie told me that her friends suggested I should "tex Mex" when I would be staying over at one of my waitressing compadre's houses (unplanned) so she could turn the lights off and stop worrying if I was coming home. Naughty granddaughter. You see, it just got so late . . . I just wanted to sleep on the couch of every co-worker at my workplace before I had completed my waitressing phase at Al's Place. 

LAST MINUTE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT!!!!! Want to create something with your own 2 hands? express your heart by the work of your hand? Well, La La Laurene Hulbig has a plan for you - living lavender planter to place in your mother's hands. spring cheer. Minimum participants for the workshop to happen: 6. Maximum: 12. I will provide coffee and any sticky buns that do not sell on Saturday. SUNDAY MAY 6. 10am to 12pm. The weather better be terrific because our Greenhouse has no vacancy. or at least we hope it will be absolutely saturated by trays of tomato seedlings by Sunday. 7 DAYS BEFORE MAMA'S DAY. Sign Up Now

Seafood! Jordan Bros. Fish Friday! 2pm to 6pm. From here on out, folks. He'll add Tuesdays 2-6 beginning in June.

BEET TEAM. Remember that? Chris Kantlehner original. Poster Hangers. Postcard Distributors. Write down where you will put a poster or hand out cards and we will give you a poster, a stack of postcards, or one or the other.

May 4 - June 3
Friday: 10am - 6pm*
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm 
*Jordan Brothers Seafood Friday 2pm - 6pm
June 5 - October 28
Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm**
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm
**Jordan Brothers Seafood Tuesday & Friday 2pm - 6pm

And don't forget to save the date for the...

10th Annual Plant Sale!

May 19th and 20th

10am - 4pm  

Below is a completely sane alternative Plant Sale poster created by one of my best friends, Heather Willey, who knew she had to be my friend after I fell over in my desk in 7th grade into the aisle with the lights out, overhead projector on, early 90's musical selection playing, in Mr. Anzivino's music class. Yep, KP North!!! Circa 1991. A Plainville and Wrentham resident destined to become lifelong pals.