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Back to normal hours this week, Pre-order, CSA sign Ups, PIE!!!

Posted 3/8/2018 9:55am by christy kantlehner.

 Hello! Again! Thanks for enduring the weekly email barrage from your not-quite-in-the-height-of-the-season-farmers!

And now Farmer Chris:

This weeks Farm Happenings

VIRTUAL MARKET is OPEN for service. Place your order by Friday at 6am. Make sure to "checkout" so your order is sent to us. Then pay by cash, check, Farmstand CSA card, or credit card when you pick up.

Point, click, buy, arrive, easy as PIE!!! I wish we had pie available (if anyone has a pie connection?)

But you can make your own.  They may not be the sweet pies that you think of, but what is a pie? something round that you eat.  Here are two suggestions for pie like items that should fill appetites all weekend long.

My Dad is from New York City and we call pizza, pie.  Every friday we would order 2 pies from Rossinnis pizza in East Hampton, CT.  Still in the top five pizza places on my list.  We can debate this at the market, i love talking pizza!!!

You can make the dough (google "pizza dough" - tons of recipes come up) or you can buy your dough (editor's note: especially from the Franklin Shaw's!) For people avoiding gluten i have seen a couple of dough substitutes in whole foods both corn based and cauliflower based. (Shield your eyes, Andrea Debaggis!)

Pizza Ideas from Farmer Chris

Mushroom, spinach, ricotta pizza (red sauce or olive oil). Editor's note: All of these ingredients can "express" a lot of moisture and make your crust soggy so it is best to cook your mushrooms (don't add salt until the end so they get that lovely golden brown - sautéed in butter with garlic and chopped fresh herbs or a pinch of dry herbs is my fave). and cook your spinach - steam, drain or squeeze, coarsely chop or sauté w/ olive oil and garlic. then finish with modest dollops of that BOMB ricotta from Narragansett creamery.

Caramelized onion, spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella (red sauce or olive oil)

Thinly sliced potato, rosemary, garlic adelisca cheese, possible fried egg

of course all of these PIES can be finished with Mikes Micros, i would suggest the arugula, or the garden mix.

Frittata is a savory pie (quiche) without the crust from italy.  Great lets do it.  i love Frittata because i can eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Gluten free, full of protein, and great for all ages.  This is great winter dish because you can put anything in it.  Things that can go in: spinach, cheese, shallot, onion, mushrooms, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots.  And Pair that with Mikes MICROS, your all good for the weekend! i will let Alton brown help you construct this PIE for you.



LAUREN HULBIG FLORAL DESIGN Workshops at White Barn Farm

One way we are trying to connect with more customers is through workshops.  Activities at the farm are a great way for our community to see the farm through a different lens, learn something, and have a great time accompanied by people with similar interests and best of all, surrounded by natural beauty.  These workshops make great gifts, and are an excellent way to reconnect with family and friends.  If you have always wanted to learn about bulbs, flower arranging, centerpieces, wreaths, terrariums, etc... Check out the schedule and pick your favorites.  Do one or do them all its going to be great time.  These have sold out in the past so sign up pronto. The first one - a bulb planter workshop - is on Saturday, March 24th, 10am to 12pm in White Barn Farm's greenhouse! White Barn Farm will provide coffee and tea. Inspired guests are encouraged to bring a snack to share - think finger-food pot luck brunch!

Commit to good food!!!

Spring shares, summer shares, winter shares, and CSA Cards are all still available! Click the links to sign up and/or reserve your shares, then complete the process by sending in a check payable to White Barn Farm. (po box 207, wrentham, ma 02093).

Your investment in White Barn Farm is always useful and greatly appreciated.

CSA CARD SIGN UP (load a debit style card to be used anytime on anything we sell at the farmstand. minimum of $200. Pay before April 1st and we give you a 10% bonus!!!!!!)

CSA SHARE SIGN UP (weekly assortment selected by the farmers and collected by you at the farmstand. $20/week)


Every friday 2-6 Jordan Brothers seafood is represented at the farm stand.  You can pre order for pick up at the farm (or just come shop).  Email pre-orders to jordanbrothersseafood@Yahoo.com

OPTIONAL READING! A little easy reading for your pleasure . . .

A big step for Organic food.  I wanted to share with you an article I came across today, although it is not about the type of farming we do.  We are a minuscule diversified veggie growing operation in the middle of suburbia. What we do is important, but this news is good for a very large slice of Earth! Converting large-scale grain growing operations to organic is important.  From what the article says the land management will change to something more sustainable for our future.  Anytime we can convert enormous agrochemical farms to soil-building, carbon-sequestering, chemical-free growing systems, it's a win for our planet and future generations!!  Plus i do love annies MAC N Cheese. (Editor's note: Yep! Consumer Demand has driven this shift! Your vote does matter! Just vote with your wallet!)

(Editor did not read this part before making preceding comment. ha!) Another take away from the article is "to meet growing consumer need".  If there is a growing need for organic Annies mac and cheese, then there must be growing need for organic produce.  We are all trying to feed our families healthier and more thoughtfully.  White Barn can provide that for you and your family.

Thanks for everything!

Chris, Christy, Graham