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Pick-up Postponed to Sunday, 11-2

Posted 3/1/2018 7:48am by christy kantlehner.

Howdy Farm followers!

We have decided to postpone our Weekly Virtual Winter Market Pick-up to this Sunday, March 4th, 11am to 2pm, in the barn. Email us if you have already placed an order and can't make it Sunday - we can work something out.

We just got a call from Bobby Jordan saying that the weather was going to be so bad that he would not be able to make it on Friday. This lead to us to scrutinize the weather report more closely and determine that 30mph winds are predicted on Friday, along with several inches of rain. That would translate to an awful mess of our dirt driveway and a very unpleasant outing for our customers (or perhaps the lack thereof). So your orders will be packed for you Sunday morning and ready to go. 11am to 2pm.

Good news! You have extra time to get your orders in! Online market will be open until Sunday morning at 7am. Pre-orders are highly recommended as we will not be putting a lot of extra stuff out for "a la carte" purchase.

Sorry, no Jordan Bros. Seafood Truck this week.

I hope everyone is doing as well as we are during this in-between winter and spring state of mind/state of nature.  One day we are at 65 degrees the next week its going to snow.  Who really knows what to do?  Our propagation house gives us a fairly consistent environment that is ideal for starting seeds.  We will be spending most of our days around the seeding table preparing flats and planting seeds.  This task can be at times the most tedious, but always rewarding.  Knowing that these little seeds will provide copious amounts of food for our neighbors is a great blessing!!!

already sprouting!

By the end of this week we should have seeded onions, celery, celery root, kale, chard, leeks, parsley, swiss chard, parsley, scallions, greenhouse tomatoes, and beets.  Thank you all for your terrific response to our plea for early CSA money - it has gone directly to buying seeds. 

White Barn is always trying to improve our growing system to provide more food for more people.  We want to provide our neighbors more variety of food throughout the year.  Some of the ways we would like to do that is to purchase 3 more caterpillar tunnels, extend our smaller high tunnel to 100 ft, and make a 4 season wash station compliant with new federal food safety regulations.  When you purchase a white barn farm CSA card or CSA share your money goes directly to purchases that provide those higher yields, more efficient washing, and season extension (=resiliency in the face of wildly erratic climate patterns).  It is not too late to commit to good food!!!!!


The days are getting longer and warmer.  That means the spinach is growing!!! The past few weeks we've had 1/2 lb bags for $5.50 - a reflection of how long it takes to harvest slow-growing winter leaves. The spinach leaves are now bigger and more abundant and therefore much faster to harvest! As a result, 1/2 lb bags are $5 this week and we are adding a 1 lb option for $9. Check out everything else that suits your local seasonal fancy.  Its going to be a great week to cook food provided by your farmers!!


look at that spinach grow! 

See Y'all Sunday! Thanks for being such a resilient customer base!

Christy, Chris, and Graham Kantlehner!