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Week 2 of Virtual Winter Market. New items for sale

Posted 1/9/2018 1:31pm by christy kantlehner.

Howdy hearty farmstand folk!

We survived the blizzard and frigid temperatures last week, and the upcoming weather feels like a heat wave of sorts.  Our greenhouses are all still standing and and your roots are tucked away nicely in the the root cellar.  Christy and Graham made it back from Texas safe and sound. 

Thank you you all for supporting us last week and bearing the brutal cold temperatures to come and pick up your prepacked produce and provisions box.  We had 28 familiar faces swing through the barn last week.  Let's keep that number rising each week!  With long days in the office scheming up next years plan for white barn farm, seeing all our neighbors weekly keeps us motivated and gives us a little break from the screens.  Our little farm only works with support from you all, please spread the word about this new winter venture.  We really enjoyed packing your orders!

Here is the link for this week's virtual market happenings:

Virtual winter market

We have added some new items this week.  Keep a look out for apples, cheeses, tortillas, micro greens, yogurt, and more grassfed meat.  we will do our best to make this a well rounded shopping experience of good local food with a major emphasis on ORGANIC.  This is still a work in progress, more pictures should be added soon, more producers as well.  Thank you for all your patience while we work out the kinks. 

*Due to late notice we are extending the ordering period until Friday at 7am this week (again)

*Pay at the farmstand by cash, check, credit card, or CSA card

*Bring Your Shopping Bags or a box to take home your order in!

*Pick up in the Right Side of the Barn Friday, Jan. 12th, 12-6.

See you all Friday 12 - 6. Jordan Brothers Seafood will be there 2 - 6! (see below)

Chris, Christy, Graham


You can now reload your Farmstand CSA cards! Fill out the online form, then pay by cash or check (only). You can mail your payment or save a stamp and bring your check to the barn on Friday. 

Make sure to fill out the form so we know whether you need a card or not and if so, where to mail it! Click to sign up for your CSA Farmstand Card


Have you been missing Jordan Brothers seafood?  they will be coming to the farm on fridays from 2-6.  They can take pre-orders, too! Just send an email and they can give you the availability list for the week.

Pre-orders are helpful and encouraged! Email: jordanbrothersseafood@yahoo.com

Here is the list on this week's email:

Sea Scallops???   1/2lb   11.00???  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00  
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   16.00
 Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
Live Lobsters   1.25lb ea   17.00ea  
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   34.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag   70.00
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00  
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00  
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Shellfish not available in Boston
Please order by 5:00AM the on friday.
you can email them at jordanbrothersseafood@yahoo.com