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Evergreen Explosion! Begins Small Business Saturday

Posted 11/24/2017 9:43am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Good Morning Everyone!

I was thinking of all those leeks and cranberries and rutabagas and potatoes gracing your tables yesterday. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and have only a mild food hangover today.

Reminder: The farmstand is closed today, Friday, November 24th

No seafood truck this weekend. So start putting those leftovers to work!

We are OPEN Small Business Saturday & Sunday!

10am to 4pm both days!

We'll have our Farmstand Full of Produce AND Wreaths & Christmas Trees!

We have beautiful, fragrant, double-sided Balsam wreaths from Three Rivers Plant & Wreath company.

Wreaths will be available:

  • plain $12
  • with a nice big red velvet bow $15
  • simply decorated with pine cones and berries $20
  • really decorated - custom designs by Laurene Hulbig $25 - $35

Laurene and I had a lot of fun collecting wreath decorating supplies last week. We want to have a lot of options for our wreath decorating workshop* next weekend and we collected enough to create a sampling of different styles and ideas to sell this weekend. The forecast looks pretty nice for tomorrow - maybe nice enough for Laurene to set up her wreath decorating station right outside the farmstand for you to see!

*We have five openings for next Saturday's wreath workshop and eight on Sunday - so still plenty of room! Read more and Register here.

We are going to see how our customers like getting a Christmas tree at our farmstand - so we ordered 50 trees from Kevin at Langwater Farm, who sells trees at his place in Easton every year. He went down last week to pick up these beautiful Fraser Fir trees from a Christmas tree farm in Ash County, North Carolina. If this year's response is good, maybe we will make it a tradition! It sure is jolly and the smell of fresh evergreens is so lovely!

  • 6' - 7' trees: $55
  • 7' - 8' trees: $65

Farmer Chris is busy right now getting fresh stuff picked to add to the selection of storage veggies. He's picking:

  • Bok Choy
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Salanova Lettuce Mix

 . . . and there is plenty of fresh crunch coming from green and red cabbage, radicchio, sugarloaf white radicchio, frisee, and escarole. Bitter greens are so good for your body. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

A bulb of fennel is so refreshing and another natural tonic for digestion. Shave it super-thin with a mandolin for a fresh salad or slaw or just chop some and add it to your pan along with onions for all sorts of pastas, soups, and sauces. Roasted or grilled is great too!

Try some roasted radicchio if you have never tried it cooked before!

This escarole and white bean soup would be fabulous made with homemade turkey stock!

Hope to see you at the farmstand! Thank you so much for all of your continuing support! We are not joking when we tell you we couldn't do it without you!

Take Care!

Christy, Chris, Graham, & the crew at White Barn Farm