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Thanksgiving Sale is This Weekend!

Posted 11/15/2017 6:58pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Are you ready for the holidays or what? With all of the madness in the world, it could not be more timely for all of us to stop and get together to enjoy good food and take stock of all we are grateful for. Hold those loved ones tight! There is always room for improvement, but really it could always be worse, too! I know I am personally thankful for health, family, running water (including hot!), electricity, and the good brown earth right here at White Barn Farm! As a farm, we are so grateful for the magic of the seed and soil, the dedication of our crew, and most of all, for the support we get from all of you!

It is Thanksgiving Sale Weekend! We hope to provide the means for you to proudly share with your people a dish that has a story – it is based on ingredients grown by people you know - right in this tiny slice of good clean earth that is persevering in the middle of suburbia.  *If you know anyone who would dig this sale - please share this email*

We are extending our Hours! Open until 4pm on Saturday & Sunday, beginning Thanksgiving Sale Weekend and running through our last day in the barn, December 23rd.  

Late Fall Hours in the Barn
Friday*: 10am to 6pm (seafood 2pm to 6pm)
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 4pm (seafood 10am to 2pm both days)
*closed on Black Friday, November 24th


  • 2 Lbs Onions $3.50
  • 5 Lbs Potatoes $6.25
  • 5 Lbs Carrots $8
Brussels Sprouts 

Vegetable Debutantes!!! Appearing for the first time this year:

  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Parsnips
  • Frisee  - bitter greens that can be part of your salad mix
  • Escarole - excellent featured with white beans and delicious homemade turkey stock! 
  • Rutabaga – check out this simple, fabulous recipe shared with us by Kathy Mackenzie: Fluffy Yellow Turnip

Fresh in from our organic veggie growing partners-in-crime at Upswing Farm in Ashland, MA, delivered by Farmer Brittany and snooze-cruising Baby Harvey:

  • Big Luscious Butternut Squash 
  • Perfect Plump Pie Pumpkins 
  • And a whole slew of Sweet Potatoes

Swooping in just in time from Sparrow Arc Farm in upstate New York, are organically grown potatoes! In my family, at least, you cannot have Thanksgiving without Mashed Potatoes! Listen to these fabulous variety names: Katahdin, Red Maria, Lehigh, Russian Banana, Magic Molly, Shepody, and Peter Wilcox! 

We will have salad greens, spinach, lettuce, bok choy, and kale in the fresh greens department. We have red and white radicchio for a bitter element, and there is cabbage for crunch!

Apples! Fresh out of proper apple storage at Fairmount Fruit Farm in Franklin. A bushel each of five different varieties - some for fresh eating, some for baking, some for both! Plus they're bringing Apple Cider! half or full gallons

RI Mushroom Company AND Farmer Sam at Crystal Springs in Plainville will provide MUSHROOMS! Crimini, Shiitake, Blue & Gold Oyster. You cannot go wrong with mushroom gravy!

We are debuting certified organic cheese made on the dairy farm itself in Warwick, MA. We’ll have a lovely selection of cow’s milk cheeses from Chase Hill Farm. Ben and Laura make their raw milk artisan cheese from their own 100% grass-fed Normande, Jersey, and Jersey-Normande cross cows’ milk:

  • Farmstead – Colby style aged 100+ days – a mild and softer waxed cheese
  • Garlic – Farmstead with garlic added
  • Cheddar – extra sharp yet smooth and creamy, waxed and aged over a year, sometimes up to 1.5 years
  • Herdsman – alpine style cheese with a firm texture and nutty flavor. Has a natural rind and is aged over a year.
  • Feta – a cow’s milk Greek style feta, picante and brined in whey  

Fresh, Dry-Harvested Organic Cranberries. These gorgeous rubies will dazzle you. Locally grown in Norton, MA.  You may be familiar with Fairland Farm’s delicious organic sweetened dried cranberries that we have been carrying at the farmstand since spring. A fresh supply of those will be arriving, too! 

It's that time of year, when giving to others means so much. In honor of a heavy crop and us finally learning to grow tons of carrots, we are launching #CAREWITHCARROTS - From now until our last day in the barn, Dec. 23rd, for every 100lbs of carrots we sell, we will donate a 20 lb bag of carrots to the Wrentham Food Pantry. We will have a cartoon carrot “caring meter” that we will fill in after each market to show our progress!  

We picked up our wreaths yesterday! We went up to Franklin, New Hampshire, to Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company and filled our van with the most fabulous smell of Christmas! Fresh, lush, double-sided Balsam wreaths. Full Disclosure - Three Rivers brings them in from Canada because of the higher quality greens there. They make gorgeous garlands from local brush, source kissing balls locally and sell decorated wreaths for fundraising campaigns. We will have a few on display this weekend and will be selling them plain, decorated, or really decorated, beginning in earnest on Small Business Saturday, November 25th.  

* * *  

We are also offering two Wreath Decorating Workshops! Our heated greenhouse will be transformed so that up to 12 guests per session can come decorate a wreath with our floral designer, Laurene Hulbig. We will provide the base double-sided balsam wreath, foraged greens to embellish with, pine cone picks, a bow, and an array of other interesting foraged, found, and purchased décor. If you have a special ribbon, some cool jingle bells, glass balls, little fake birds, or any other special items – bring it along to add to your design! We will have hot tea, breakfast pastries, and plenty of cheer to share!

Wreath Workshops:

  • Saturday, December 2nd, 10am - 12pm
  • Sunday, December 3rd, 10am to 12pm
  • Cost: $45/person. add $25 to make an additional wreath
  • Please register online and bring cash or check for payment.
We will consider adding additional dates if there is overwhelming demand!