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Second "winter" CSA share

Posted 11/2/2017 2:09pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello CSA team! White Barn Farmstand has officially transitioned across the street for November and December.

Your second share of the winter CSA will be ready to pick up at the barn tomorrow (Friday, 11/3) from 2pm to 6pm. Don't forget to bring your bags or a box to pack into!

I know a few of you cannot come on Fridays. Let me know if you need your box packed for you to claim on Saturday 10am - 2pm. Text me: Christy 774-210-0359 with your name and request :)

Reminder! The "winter" share is distributed biweekly. The next three pickups will be on Fridays, 2pm to 6pm, at White Barn Farmstand in the Barn: 11/17, 12/1, 12/15.

so what do we have for you this week?

4 lbs Acorn Squash. I like to just halve these squash, scoop out the seeds and place face down on a parchment paper lined baking sheet in a 350 degree oven. When they are just about fork tender flip them over and season the inside - you can go sweet - ginger, butter and maple or savory - brown butter and sage, maybe even some kind of grain stuffing. The skin is edible but I usually just put a half on each person's plate and let each decide whether to scoop out of the shell or attack the whole thing with a fork and knife. 

1 bunch of Hakurei Turnips a.k.a Japanese Salad Turnips - you may consider them a white radish if you like - slice or grate onto a salad and enjoy. They are also delightful cooked -  just quickly roasted or sauteed in a pan - these are tender compared to their much harder cousins, purple-top turnips.

1 bunch of Bok Choy - a perfect and lightning fast complement to Sesame Salmon

1 bunch of Radishes - Easy Radish Salad (could easily be applied to the salad turnips as well)

1 lb of onions - who doesn't want to come home to the smell of onions cooking? If you are the one cooking, and you were the one who got teary-eyed fine dicing those allium delights - treat yourself - step outdoors for a moment and return to the kitchen to catch the fabulous aroma of cooking onions!

1 bunch of Kale - Delicious Kale Sandwiches - this recipe includes good basics of kale prep. Another good one: Lemony Kale with Lentils

1 lb of mixed greens - if these are larger than you like for a green salad - even if it is roughly chopped and covered with Goddess dressing - then you might want to briefly sautee these guys or wilt into warm risotto or put in a breakfast burrito or quesadilla - some way to quickly wilt them.

2 lbs of potatoes

2 lbs of sweet potatoes - cut into french fry shapes, roast in a hot oven and enjoy a truly nutritious sweet! Here is a nice idea: Warm Winter Salad of Roasted Root Fries *note: sweet potatoes keep best at room temperature and dry

2 lbs of carrots - Remember when "Tuscan" added magical properties to most anything? How about Tuscan-style Roasted Carrots carrots keep best in a plastic bag in the refrigerator

1 bulb of garlic - garlic and onions can be left in a basket on your counter (for long-term storage they want to be cold and dry)

1 bunch of parsley (possibly a choice of other herbs). Check out the creamy parsley dressing part of this recipe and perhaps improvise the slaw with carrots, salad turnips, and radishes.

Be aware that there could be a last minute change to this line-up, but this list is what we foresee at the moment.

If anyone is asking -
Late Fall Hours in the Barn are:
Fridays: 10am to 6pm (seafood 2pm to 6pm)
Saturdays AND Sundays: 10am to 2pm (seafood 10-2 both days)