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Fall CSA Week 4

Posted 9/27/2017 9:14am by christy kantlehner.

Hi all! 

Happy fall! Fall with a heat wave that is. The cooler temps will be here soon enough, so right now we're enjoying the sun! 

We've got a great line-up this week! Lots of different vegetables in your shares. 

  • Fennel
  • Sweet potato
  • Cilantro
  • Yummy Sweet pepper (snack or lunchbox peppers)
  • Baby lettuce
  • Sauce tomatoes 
  • Onions 
  • Hakurei turnips

One thing is for sure - sweet potatoes + fennel = love. Try pan roasting these two together as a side dish (maybe for pork chops - YUM!) this week. Toss chopped fennel and sweet potato chunks with a bit of olive oil, a small bit of brown sugar and a dash of salt and pepper to season. Then roast for about an hour at 400 degrees. 

How about a make your own pizza night complete with homemade sauce! Pizza crust is super easy to make and quick, too. And then there's the sauce. I love experimenting with my sauce. My secret ingredient that I have found makes an incredible sauce is the Jimmy Nardello pepper. Seriously, perfect. Experiment and find your secret ingredient! My grandmother used to simmer her sauce with full sized carrots. Start yours off sauteing some chopped onions and garlic (and sweet peppers if you like them in your sauce) in olive oil. Then chop up your sauce tomatoes and crush them in the pot. I like to peel my tomatoes, but you don't have to. Add some dried oregano, a few leaves of basil (if you still have some), a pinch of sugar and some salt and pepper. You can also add some vegetable broth to thin yours out a bit if you want. I know I didn't add amounts. If you want to follow a more exact recipe, here's one to try. Then grab some fresh mozzarella, add your favorite toppings and you're good to go! 

Enjoy your salads this week with that baby lettuce. Top it off with some grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg and the last of the summer tomatoes! Try this Avocado Cilantro Dressing with it. Don't forget to grab some yogurt at the farmstand to use in the recipe. ;) 

Keep us posted on what you do with your shares this week! Can you believe we are more than halfway done with our fall boxed CSA?! 

Thank you for all of your incredible support this season!