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Pi Day Blizzard Update! PYO Foreshadowing, Garden Guru, Send us Money!

Posted 3/14/2017 1:46pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
Dear Friends, Gardeners, and WBF Plant Sale Maniacs!
Happy Blizzard!
The crazy snow definitely makes me feel like I am not supposed to be running all over the farm doing field work! That is kind of nice. My whole life I have felt tardy (because I was) and I am just trying to hang onto punctuality by a thin strand. This storm is a little respite to regroup and remember what is important, not just urgent. We are just keeping the wood stove stoked in the propagation greenhouse, watching seedlings emerge and show their beautiful green cotyledons! But today Chris and I get to finally finish our greenhouse and plant sale plan/schedule, decide once and for all on 2017's approach to selling flowers (stay tuned!), map out our Pick-your-own plan (yep! it is in the works!), focus on marketing, budgeting, new projects, the retail products we want to carry, and catch up on some ordering.
Speaking of all of that ordering, if you're hanging around the house with your computer and your checkbook, why not fill out the online sign-up forms, put your check in an envelope, and send it to the farm when all this snow madness cessates. That is my subtle hint that the farm needs Community Support now in this time of credit card payment due dates.  We would rather the amazing customers in this community get a free $20 worth of farmstand veg for mailing us a $200 Farmstand CSA check than pay finance charges to some faceless bank (even if the interest rate is under 10%). It is principle!
Research our different CSA options:either the boxed share and/or the farmstand csa card, decide which is for you and fill out the form/s:
Christy at the Plant Sale
SAVE THE DATE: WBF Plant Sale is May 20 & 21 this year. Cancel all vacations, weddings, graduation parties, and birthday celebrations you may have planned on for that weekend. Do not miss our Plant Sale! It is fun and festive and full of an astounding variety of vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings! All grown with organic methods in our greenhouse! At least send someone with a shopping list (second choices recommended). 
Anyone who wants to finally become an expert gardener, take note:
For the third year in a row, local farm guru, Kathy Huckins, is offering a season-long course for beginners and need-help gardeners in How to Grow A Garden. Kathy was the farmer at Stearns Farm in Framingham, where Chris worked for two years before embarking on the adventure that has been growing White Barn Farm. Kathy and her husband, Brian, a welding and tool guru, are sort of mentors to us and certainly dear, dear family friends. I feel like Kathy and I are kindred spirits, with an affinity for biodynamics and both listening to and talking to plants. She let me take some divisions of Stinging Nettles and Comfrey from her gardens at Stearns when Chris and I were first getting together.  She is a wonderful teacher and will certainly share with her students the magic of gardening.  
More about How to Grow A Garden: The group will meet the third Saturday of each month from March through September,  (March 18th, April 15thMay 20thJune 17thJuly 15th, August 19th and September 16th) from 9:30 till 12:30 at her home in Northboro, MA.  The first part of each Saturday will be spent around a table, learning the basics and discussing our gardens.  Then the course moves into the garden and greenhouse, applying what we have learned.  This comprehensive course will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to grow your own garden, eat your own food and share it with friends.  Class size is limited to 8 participants.
Reviews from last year's group:

This was a wonderful, exceptional experience--I learned so much, and have wonderful memories. I now have a full roadmap for the garden next year, which I never would have been able to see without your course.  -EL 

I liked the hands on aspect in the greenhouse and the garden.  -D

By the end of the course, I felt much more prepared for next year's garden -- without the experience of seeing your garden over the course of 3 seasons that would not have happened.  -MM 

I loved that it spanned seven months, from the time snow was on the ground and the garden was just an aspiration, through the entire summer and fall. It really showed me how the garden is actually a year round process  ....   I loved the idea of working WITH the land, and observing the messages it is giving us.  I learned a different way of being in nature from you.   -LC

For more information or to register 
call/email at 508-393-8695  huckinshome@gmail.com
or visit Huckinsforge.com/garden-course.